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Default The Bronze Idol of Zima-Mbje

one of the more interesting things i've read in mutwa's books is the so called bronze idol of zima-mbje (zima = sun; gold; lion, mbje = place of). this is the archaic name for zimbabwe, both the name of a region, and the name of the ruins, ie the actual buildings.
it was while doing research on the origin of the gold used by the egyptians (which i believe to have come from zima-mbje, ie southern zimbabwe and northern south africa) and also the ark of the covenant that i realised the importance of the idol of zima-mbje.
the idol of zima-mbje (zima-mbje, according to mutwa is the correct spelling of zimbabwe, as outlined in the book 'the mystery of the white lions'.) is said to contain the eye of odu, odu being the bjaauni consort of amarava after the destruction of murire, they are said to have to have produced most of the human offspring, one notable exception being the smaller races, who were the children of amarave and gorogo, chief of a race of intelligent frog people. this idol came from the north and at one point was stolen and brought into the land of the bantu. this caused the invasion of the bantu lands by tribes from the north, who were allied with the so-called arabi, who with their 'hooked noses and curved swords' seems to be semetic (arabic) people.
far from being a treasure, it was more seen as a curse, anyone who went near it had their skin boil off and their hair fall out, needless to say death soon followed.
another interesting story regarding this idol is that after it's many travels, it ended up with a wicked chief, after he was surrounded and his two remaining sons were wounded and dying, he took them and the idol into the hut, told his wife to leave and after she did so, he grabbed the idol and held it aloft. from what is written, the hut was vapourised, as was his kraal, the wind set trees alight for miles around. animals died in their thousands.
now to me this looks like a nuclear explosion, the fact that the idol itself would give symptoms much like radiation sickness and the subsequent explosion that followed is pretty compelling.
and if the idol was the ark of the covenant, that explains why it is missing. it was vapourised in sub-saharan africa some time ago.
i just find this idol to be very interesting, if it was a radiation device, perhaps a communication device, like the ark is said to have been, it seriously, i mean seriously, changes everything people have thought about africa. indeed the ark being a electronic communication device would also change they way we view ancient 'biblical' history.
it's these little things, these little paragraphs in larger texts that hide the truth.
The truth is found in dreams and madness.
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