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Originally Posted by silent revolution View Post
Did you purposely forget that the rest of that sentence existed?
Man you got all defensive on me when you hadn't read what I actually said. I had already covered myself. Maybe where you live you see a lot of the better sides of humanity, I don't know. But I have seen plenty of the not so nice side of humanity where I live. Or it might be we just live in different reality tunnels to each other..

Peace, love, harmony and wisdom friend
There's is more of the rough side of human nature where I am due to the harsh economic conditions , but I try not to see it ....

Destructive nature ,is not quite the right term, I think were talking about aggressive violent dominating nature , humanity does need just a pinch of this to hold it's own against external threats ...

But if what I'm saying is correct , that the mass beliefs of a community manifests on their streets , then whats going on in Irak , Lybia , Syria and many other muslim countries , the people who live there have materialized a warzone on their high streets ....yes to a large extent , they created it by their thoughts, the NWO could only do what they do there if the mentality of the people was accepting of it.... does that mean muslims believe more than others that humans are violent? ....

Well from my observations , yes.... Kids grow up in a family with a dominating father who slaps them around ... the wife is slapped around and controlled by the husband , so of course children grow up thinking the world is violent ... many muslim families are not like this , but from my experience buddhist and western cultures are not so bad ...

This must explain why the US and Europe have had 70 years of peace and calm , these cultures are the most peaceful in their family and work situations , and this is why they've been free of war .... the few westerners who do believe in violence and domination , join the military , and go to Afghanistan and Syria to help the people there create their world of violence , in line with their beliefs ...

So it's not 'karma' ..muslim countries don't 'deserve' death and destruction , they just have beliefs which manifest that.

When they reject violence in their hearts , in their domestic situations , and reject sharia law (chopping peoples heads off) ... then they will have peace on their streets..

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raging psychopaths

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