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Originally Posted by The Mighty Zhiba View Post
Not overly, because by your rationale, eating a flower would provide you with vit d?

Veggies usually suffer from not getting enough B12, calcium, iron, and zinc and vit D in their diets.

If nature intended us to be vegetarians it wouldn't have made meat taste so good
Well we all know the Sun is the most optimum way of achieving our in-take of vitamin D, so while we go picking for those plants, we'll achieve our intake :P. 'Eating a flower' made me laugh and think of Homer Simpson eating flowers in secret lol.

Well, besides B12 because that isn't a specific dietry related deficiency (its across the broad spectrum of diets, even exceeding humans), both calcium, iron and zinc are quite easily incorporated. Usually, veggies are not veggies from birth, so their already compromised terrain takes a few years to revert back to its proper state, highlighting various amount of issues, that has went uncheck for years. Also, you get people from the mental realm, all the way to the physical applicability of not properly conducting a Vegan diet correctly (same can be said in either diets), but the majority of these supplements was not put out here for a Vegan society, it was done for a Meat Eating one, a prominent one infact, as nearly all magazines that promote these are also promoting various other supplements for ME's, like proteins supplements.

Meat tastes so good is because you flavour it to taste like plants, and trust me, once you disconnect from 'anything' such as its taste/smell, you'll be tunely wised into knowing that it stinks and the smell of its stench taste revolting from my perspective now.
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