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Originally Posted by catinthehat View Post
Pisses me off that people 'come out' and suddenly everyone is expected to be in debt to them, fuck that. I'm white, straight, and proud. Where's my phonecall from Barry?

Just because a guy sticks his rod inside another doesn't make him a superhero, ghandi, or anything else.

I believe this was on a thread entitled ' How Gay Does The World Have To Become'
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Two made me laugh yesterday I think it was.

Someone posted a huge picture of some lightning in space and the reply was "I can't see it, can you post a bigger picture please."

The other was about someone who had sex in his sleep in a thread called Sexsomnia.
The reply was "in my younger days I've woken up 'at it'"
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Originally Posted by xxxxxxxxx View Post
"you totally miss the point and the secret, the most powerful and advanced science and magick on this planet is the manifestation or modification of matter through will. that is true alchemical mastery. do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law."

Reply; "Can you do that because i need my lawnmower fixing ?"
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Member 1: Prove it!
Member 2: NO!

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