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Default $1.4 MILLION to online lover in Africa she's never

'We are in love... and I am 95% certain he's telling the truth': Woman defends her decision to wire $1.4 MILLION to online lover in Africa she's never met

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...#ixzz3T8wUTxZr

A woman has defended her decision to sent $1.4 million to her online lover in Africa - who she has never met.

Twice-divorced Sarah met Chris Olsen online 18 months ago.

Though the mysterious man's accent has changed over time, and he keeps asking for money to be wired to various different countries, Sarah insists she is '95 per cent certain' that he is telling her the truth.

Despite his numerous attempts to come home so they can be together, she says, he keeps getting arrested on false charges.

I mean who say's their is no money to be made in lieing!

But, she concludes: 'I still believe in love.'
you got to feel sorry for her.

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"Dat's dumb!"

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"A fool and his money are soon parted"

So many con people out there. But thats her choice if this story is true. Foolish, but thats here choice.

Con people have always existed and always will. People are often too trusting, and they end up paying for it.

Usually its the other way round, ie some gold digger female, marrying for money and leaving. I am not sure how many times it happens in this way.

But like i said, its her choice.
"You put 10 tonnes of proof in front of people, if they are not ready to accept an idea, they will not accept the proof. No amount of evidence will suffice to prove anything, it is the jury that will decide, and you are the jury."
William Cooper - behold a pale horse video
So true

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