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cosmic tramp
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Default BLAST Freeview UK TV channel - UFOs and Forbidden History

This TV channel appears to have come out of nowhere. You can get it Freeview on channel 63 or channel 80 depending on how you're wired up. Listings don't seem to appear in any of the telly mags, the other night they did an in depth feature feature on Montauk and have Wednesday evenings set aside for UFO/ET documentaries, seemingly filling a gap where Quest and Yesterday channels left off with back to back programmes on UFOs/ET/Forbidden history/Secret Bases.
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Never heard of it until you mentioned it. I don't expect it to be any good if it's managed to get a Freeview channel slot, or only time will tell if they pull the plug for being too controversial. We all know what happened to Edge Media TV and Richplanet, the latter now only on his own website due to Ofcom forcing him to abandon the channel.
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Originally Posted by techman View Post
... Edge Media TV and Richplanet, ....
I think it's important to distinguish from general conspiracy channels and those that deal with mostly UFO/Alien type stuff ...

Edge channel , has Icke on ... Richplanet covers things like Jill Dando so the cabal would not happy for these to go mainstream ...

The cabal are massively pushing ETs , government cover-ups of UFO's , underground Bases, Aliens created us, reality is an illusion/hologram even Corey Goode and the SSP ...

Of course there's a big overlap of material , but they will be trying to manage and twist how this information enters the public domain ..

This is soft disclosure ... millions of people now are starting to hear about the SSP through Youtube and TV ... later the president will announce it (hard disclosure).
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