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celtic isis
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It's still at 5 in France...

please flu hang on at level 5 here just until i've been to the concert of a lifetime lol

i'm fucking scared! don't care about dying just don't want to miss the concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
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Originally Posted by drhemp View Post
OK, fair enough, we're always open to suggestions. Done.
thank you

it is still 5 in france? not for long
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Originally Posted by adbasque View Post
Not really, they are trying to push it to then force martial law on us, watch and see.
in order for them to implement the new world order they have to do

Create a reason for a martial law
Nuclear war
Civil Unres

The latter has to be coordinated in every single country, which is more difficult to do.
So they'll go for the first two.
But a nuclear war is crucial for them, in order to bring in the nwo, reduce population, introduce one world currency (cashless), while the war is on, more laws will be introduced people will be in a state of panic and distress they wouldn't necessarily pay any attention to the laws, all they wish is for the war to end.

Pandemic will kill the vaccin will kill even more, so they get what they want in the end.
We should burn all the bloody labs, stick the so called scientists in jail shut down the drug companies.
yes, just watch this
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johan niklasson
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Exclamation URGENT Jane Burgermeister's new site

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