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Default Michael Quinsey Brings ET, UFO, and Healing Knowlegde Down To Earth

Michael Quinsey found his spiritual path in the late 70’s through The Atlantean Society, then started Galacticom Europa to cover the messages from Ashtar through Carole Hall. During this period he had his most convincing UFO sighting, one of several all told. In the mid 90’s when he became Editor for a local magazine called Quest, which is devoted to spiritual growth and enlightenment. His affinity is with ancient Egypt and Atlantis, he reads Edgar Cayce's work, and was a High Priest in Egypt. Listen to my interview with him at http://youtu.be/ZXaEOeaoFcQ
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'Brings healing knowledge'?

Sounds good.

Although we've always had healing knowledge, if we look in the right places, we shouldn't rely on ETs for it I think.

We don't need more ET knowledge, so much as we need to re-discover our own ancient knowledge.

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Another great interview ....another person who has the whole picture ... although just a few errors ....

Because michael knows (as we all do) that tech is being kept from us , he assumes keresh (mentioned @30mins) is genuine ... he 's not ...100% fraud and con man ..

Regarding hollow earth (@55mins) we have two levels here .... massive tunnels and underground complexes (one entrance mt Shasta) which go down no more than a few miles (due to the heat) .. but if you want to go deeper you arrive at a portal , and if you have the right DNA , and are granted access you , have to shift dimensions , as Bartzis said , the inner earth exists "in the space between atoms of the molten core" ...

Sketches showing a literal hollow earth with holes at the poles are an error IMHO.
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ancient egypt, ashtar, atlantis, et contact, michael quinsey

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