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Arrow Atlantis and THE song: World's Oldest Authentic Map, Mid Ridge Music

Repost from May 2014 article
Note recent examples for "Nowhere to ...", added 2016, from the fake Turkey coup to "latino" episodes: from the fake arrest of El Chapo to the fake brazilian wonder team airplane crash in Colombia.

End Times Music: Atlantis and THE song
I don't mean Atlantis by Donovan, who appears in a black & white youtube video singing Colors with Pete Seeger, a "music legend of the LAST EIGHT DECADES with less chances to escape HELL than atheist icon Stephen Hawking".
THE song's title includes one of the four elements, but paradoxically it's none of the three that buried Atlantis: Water, Earth and Fire.
No, it's not Donovan's Catch the wind but rather Let's get in the wind by Grand Tourism.
Why it's THE song: paradoxically NOT because of the two Atlantis related lines explicitly mentioned in article below but rather of a third line, which "coincidentally" plays the KEY role in this riddle:
Why Matt IS the very LAST Prophet: he could _ _e the _AST at the END.

Atlantis and End Times Music: Nowhere to ...
This line of THE song maximally reduces both:
- the last minutes of the Atlanteans
- one of the KEY illuminati messages NOW, at the End of the Age, repeated to everyone around the world.

Atlantis and End Times Music: We have no time to waste my friend
"World's Oldest Authentic Map of Atlantis": one of THE song's lines is all it takes to discard watching a 58 min video from 1997, published on youtube on 9/11 2011.
7 minutes is more than enough to get it, as illustrated by a 2014 video stating the first of Atlantis' basic facts.

Atlantis: the first basic fact and the BIG PICTURE where it's embedded
The first basic fact was revealed by Last Prophet, albeit not worldwide first, shortly before he would step on stage in the world wide web as an End Times Prophet.
As for the BIG PICTURE where the first basic fact fits in: it's the Mid Atlantic Ridge hoax, exposed first 2006, already as part of what makes Prophet Matt the very last one.

Atlantis Donovan Lyrics on Screen
Pete Seeger & Donovan - Colours
Donovan - Catch the wind

We have no time to waste my friend: Googling it returns THE the song as first result.

7 minutes - Lost Continent of Atlantis found on Google Earth
58 minutes - I only watched the first minute, and started to watch it solely for the purpose of embedding it in this article:

Pete Seeger, a music legend of the LAST EIGHT DECADES, has less chances to escape HELL than atheist icon Stephen Hawking

Why Matt IS the very LAST Prophet: he could _ _e the _AST at the END

Talk of Atlantis, the End of an Age, the _AST and the END of the Ages: The Age before the Renaissance.
Before clicking the link:
Replace L by the next character in the alphabet to solve the C_L_U_E_S riddle that returns the name of your Age and BEYOND.
END TIMES C_L_U_E_S: Unbelievable first Google page: TRUTH about the _AST and BEYOND

Illuminati passing "Nowhere to ..." to the global audience:
Dec 2016: examples of recent episodes with "calls for extradition" chapters included solely to pass this message:
- "coup in Turkey": Erdogan and "exiled turkish cleric Gulen in the USA" as well as "turkish air force personnel seeked asylum in Greece";
- "arrested latino drugs lord arrested in Mexico": Obama and El Chapo;
- "air crash of Brazil's wonder football team in Colombia": (coming) Bolivia/Colombia and "air traffic controller who revealed irregularities about the flight and requested asylum in Brazil".

Mid Atlantic Ridge hoax - the SUPPRESSED TRUTH survived in this page from Jun 2012:

All in Blog

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Arrow Talk of Atlantis, the End of an Age, the _AST and the END of the Ages

Last Prophet's words from Jul 2014.
Atlantis, The Simpsons and the Illuminati Grand Master: TRUTH cut in stone as simply in plain sight as it gets
Who leaves Atlantis off the X? Google answers with name of man who runs the world

Introduction - added Dec 2016
"End Times Music: Atlantis and THE song's related two lines" is a 2014 article.
The context related to the "Nowhere to run" song's line includes a link to the fake crash of Brazil's football wonder team, Nov 2016, a script that includes this:
"seer Charly from Galilee joke: what the comparison with the Illuminati Grand Master's predictions reveals is NOT a joke", a chapter where the Simpsons are also casted.

Talk of Atlantis, a song, a seer, the Simpsons and the Grand Master:

Grand Master of the Ordo Illuminatus: To get his identity all the END TIMES C_L_U_E_S you need is to google this:
Who leaves Atlantis off the _ _ _ s?
Yet it wasn't until March 2013 that his name was revealed worldwide first by Last Prophet.

Google returns the OFFICIAL answer: this time it's the TRUTH
The answer comes from the _ _ _ _ _ CUTTERS song, which is also the name of the organization OFFICIALLY led since 1995 by the Grand Master of the Ordo Illuminatus", albeit "inadvertently", using the Wikipedia's word.
It's a The Simpsons song, and it accounts for the only image in the first page of google results.

What else the Number One leads, albeit this time NOT officially:
The Grand Master cut The TRUTH in stone as simply in plain sight as it gets: the song and organization he officially leads has "coincidentally" the name of:
- those who built what stood for several millenia as the largest man made constructions on Earth, which, in the singular form, also stands for ...
- the symbol of the Ordo Illuminatus, which "coincidentally" has the ONE and ONLY seer's eye at the top.
An organization that "coincidentally" also added the largest ever man made "construction" on Earth to the ATLANTI_ map.

Google results
- Number One: The symbol of the Ordo Illuminatus is "coincidentally" visible in the image link of the first google result, a reddit page from 2014.
- from Yahoo answers: title exactly the same as the query. The solution is indeed one of the answers although it was not rated "Best answer".
One of the other answers also implies the solution, as it quotes a line from the song: "We do, we do".

The image of the first google result

Try to soive the riddle before clicking it:
March 2013 - Name of current Illuminati LEADER: REVEALED WORLDWIDE first:
He uses several fake identities, two of them as "english Sir".
In the only identity where he appears in plain sight he uses his father's name because he can't use his real name: Alexander Adolf Hitler.

All in Blog

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Everyone will get a big kick from this one.
Turn up your volume!

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atlantis, donovan, elements, end times, music

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