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Arrow Armageddon to hit any time this planet: Illuminati Grand Master bombs

Armageddon to hit any time this planet: Illuminati Grand Master bombs human cattle Friday night on CNN
The man, who more than 99% (which does not exclude 100%) of all recognized UN governments do nothing but to execute orders from, drops the bomb in plain sight on a Friday night.
Enquoted expressions below (this does not apply to enquoted single words)
- ALL: used by the Illuminati Grand Master within three minutes on CNN, Oct 21
- ALL but the one with Armageddon: underlined simultaneously as CNN headlines (except

Bombastic act carried out from "no man's land" with "two" other participants:
- Christiane Amanpour, "coincidentally" casted as the star "journalist" in the preview of the Armageddon, the bombings of Serbia, March 24 1999, 12 years before it finally started.
- the Grand Master again, but this time dressed in the role that made him, among other premieres, the first man ever to marry himself.

Human cattle bombed with truth in plain sight:
- from the "other" himself stating "we are ... the same person".
- to him stating "Armageddon ... to hit any time this planet": "we are not simply in the world of repetition", that's why he must now terminate the "business of making believe" (his final words).

Modern History's most bombastic revelation by Last Prophet, March 2013
Name of current Illuminati LEADER: Alexander Adolf Hitler is the current Grand Master of the Ordo Illuminatus.
He uses several fake identities, two of them as "british Sir" and one as "american patriot".

What does the Illuminati Grand Master mean with Armageddon:
only two words changed in the BIG BANG script that he launched in 1993 and is still unfolding:
Why Illuminati MUST NOW administrate the KILL SHOT: ZIKA reduced to 3 chars: _I_
Original 1993 BIG BANG script and the two words that had to be changed:

Genocide in the West Front trenches of World War I: scripted by the same who carried out the holocaust during World War II
Exposed worldwide first by the same Prophet who exposed first Adolf Hitler as the Illuminati Grand Master before, during and after World War II and his great nephew Alexander Adolf Hitler as the Grand Master now:
World War III: original script released 1943 was a remake of original WW2 script, two of the ultimate reductions of illuminati end times.
The first reduction is implicitly stated: again the same original script.
The second reduction is what the original script was: a fake war with real blood.
The ultimate reason for all this: proving the illuminati anti-bible true, in particular that "Armageddon is a lie".
At the end of the day not only WW2 but also World War III started as a real war mixed with fake wars.
As expected from the Laws of End Times Reductionism some of these fake wars were additionally reduced to fake blood.

All in Blog

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Arrow World of repetition

From Oct 2013
BIG BANG: US shutdown theater: default on US debt, social payments - Goals for dummies
MAKE NO MISTAKE: US will first default on social security payments, starting with the termination of food stamps for 45 millions, mostly blacks.
Days later it will be the turn to default on debt payments, days after the resurrection of Obama Bin Laden.

US Shutdown theater staged to:
1. Annihilate 5.8 trillions in US debt held by ... ILLUMINATI puppets, from China and Japan to Russia.
2. Launch Obama's FULL detonation, the last step before the manhunt for blacks and muslims.
3. Enter the confiscation stage in the US: after guns now savings (deposits and pension funds) and real estate.

Nov 2016: Freedom loving syrians forced the illuminati to postpone the BIG BANG again and again, causing the "world of repetition" to include:
- Trump also stripped
- Melania, yet another trans first lady, this one to be exposed as having changed sex while still an illegal in the USA.

Oct 2013 US SHUTDOWN THEATER, part of Obama's staged arrest and manhunt for non-whites: ALL explained years in advance

See Syria here: "World of repetition" in illuminati overtime: what is pushed beyond the previously imaginable limits
Apr 2016 - Melania v Michelle: transgender ends differently from transvestite: Obama trumped twice

Talk of BIG BANG, trillions in US debt and "World of repetition": the names behind the zillions of another BIG BANG scripted by the same gang:
Illuminati Cosmology: Names use THEIR KEYWORD, the opposite of LIGHT

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