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Default What You Are Capable Of

Your subconscious mind can be accessed. Some of you have never been in touch with this part of the mind. Untrained it can be a bugger. It is where the programming goes. With no guide it is like a child's mind. You have to get in touch with your complete self.

My subconscious showed me the most incredible thing one night. A whole night of old commercials in black and white. These ran all night, way over a thousand of them. Some may have been colored but, my dad was a lumberjack and was not into technology so we got color later than most. There were gas, car, soap, toy, cigarette, sporting equipment, surplus, chemical and farm equipment commercials just for a start. Firestone, Brigstone motorcycles, Brasso, Bardall, Army Men, Mr. Clean, Colgate, Old Gold cigarettes, Milton Bradly, Marx, Montgomrey Wards, and Western Auto just for a start. You have memories stored from the day you were born. Some of you have voice to skull bothering you and some telepathic enough to hear something but all of you have this nagging internal voice and that is your subconscious trying to communicate. Best case learn to communicate back and forth. There is a huge encyclopedia of basic knowledge at your fingertips built from your birth.

One more thing, if you have information of past lives this is where the information is stored. A lot of you do, I don't have any, I checked. Abduction information would be complete and access to it would be from here. You will have it all including the process used to give you that screen saver memory. Can't remember a loved one well anymore, yes you can and every last interaction you had with this person.

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Mr Clean?!
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So how do we access this ?
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Recently I've been seeing a man's face in front of me when I close my eyes to sleep. Usually this is just a dream so I ignore it.
But the last week I've been finding I'm not asleep yet as I just closed my eyes for a second - so I open them and in the dark I can still see the face and I watch it for a few minutes.

It's not like a ghost - it's like a dream but I can watch my dream with my eyes open and the images are really sharp. In black and white.
It doesn't scare me.
Ive seen things in my room with my eyes open before and jumped up and screamed.

But I dream in colour. And I go out of body often - in colour.
What is this? Is this what you are talking about? Because I don't know this man.
So it isn't a memory.

The only thing I've been doing differently is focusing on the face in the 'dream' , staying awake then opening my eyes.

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