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I find many of the words quite disturbing. Not at the OP author, but many of the versus.

This is because I abbhor the idea I will be/deserve to be presented with illusions and then punished for choosing incorrectly amongst said discord.

I know of right and wrong, and I make much effort to be and do right.

This is all that can ever really say that I know, this is all I can be sure of through the chaos that is life and is my mind. The images, the sounds, the declarations of moral highground. All demand recognition as truth and allegiance, and somehow one is to feel that right one inside somehow or else.

Something makes me reject a scornful threatening undertone in contemplating my creator and what it would have from me, as reality is, I know of nothing. Or perhaps very little.

I dont know what it really wants from me, if it does at all as it has never truly told me.
Even if I am wrong, and I have simply failed to see......it deserves no more condemnation than the ignorance of a child.

What guilt should a child carry for not understanding what the parent says it knows? none.
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Originally Posted by lightgiver View Post
1st point agreed,

2nd point,hell is already on earth for some,maybe it is hell?and some think this is a short term heaven,or maybe we are here on trial?but there is hell of manipulation on this realm or planet,IE MSM brainwashing and elite corruption.

Some one is watching for sure and taking most of humanity on a ride,and we reap what we sow,and its only a matter of time before TPTB will be reaping theirs if they do not change their evil ways

and there is more to 911 than meets the eye.
Yep, I tend to agree.. However, Earth isn't exactly - by default - 'hell' per-se.. It can be & has been for some.. guess tis bout perception.. wot one calls going through hell - others may call a walk in the park.. Point is it can & has, for some, gotten way worse!

Yes, evil will eventually reap wot it sowed.. & the longer the karma builds the worse it's gonna be..

911 was a big mistake on their part & serves as a great starting point to 'wake folk up'.. Personally, I don't bother that much these days.. as it is plain to see some people prefer the slumber, nay even fight to defend it.. Also, in the grand scheme of things it probably doesn't really make much of a difference..

Tis been too little too late since over 2000 years.. (plain to see evil is @ the helm) so it really matters not - best ya can do is have a bit of fun, enjoy wot is left of good in life etc.. Tis like Divine retribution has been suspended for 'soo long', possible for the preservation of the good.. Yet, I say - if ya gonna make an omelet, expect to break some eggs..
"All You Need Is Love"

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Default 911 The Great Illusion End Game Of The Illuminati



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