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Default "new" pentagon video

Watch and listen to Fox News bubble-brains talk about a plane that apparently only they can see ...

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That's funny as hell. I remember rushing home from work when I heard this story and sitting in front of my tv flipping from Sky News to BBC News 24, waiting for them to show this amazing new footage that they'd discussed on the radio - imagine my disappointment...

As I've pointed out in other threads, this footage is anomolous and causes more problems for the Official Theory. The "nose cone" (which could be anything to be honest) is only visible in one frame, and it's angle is such that the lawn could not remain unscathed if it shows a true representation of the projectile's tragectoy.

Also interesting is the anchors insistance that the fusilage punched through three rings of the Pentagon. He has to do this, because that is what the photographic evidence shows. Of course it's an impossibility (aluminium tube verses steel reinforced concreat), but he runs with it all the same.

There was a plane at the pentagon... there was a plane at the Pentagon... the was a plane at the Pentagon... You sheep got that...?


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Of all the CCTV cameras in and around the Pentagon, it's amazing that the only one they declassify is the one that doesn't reveal what actually happened! Surely we can't be the only people who are suspicious about this!
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At 3:03 there is an object that suddenly appears on the left corner of the view, can't really make out what it is though.
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Laughable! Anyone who can still claim that flight 77 was there is stark raving mad!

I can see a bigger hot air balloon in that picture more than any plane.
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