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Default "9/11 Truth" over Wal-Mart Intercom

I've dreamed about doing this at my place of work so many times!

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That's the funniest thing I've seen in a long, long time and the BEST thing I've seen!! People taking action ... should be more of it!

I wish I had the balls to do something like that, but I know myself too well
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That was alllllriiiight.....
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That video was sooo funny but also very admirable
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Love it!

GREAT work there!

Use their weapons against them!
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wal-mart 2001 sells anti-virus/firewall product with trojan horse imbeded in cdS, 2001 i detect trojan call made, la water hit with trojan and system is vunerable, as im on the phone this hits, im speaking with man in vital area, and tell him what i have found, and were the trojan is, and how i solved it.oh around 2005 mass of illegle aliens rounded up at wal-martsCAN we spell CHINA
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Omg that was so funny..especially the last one about Cheney..loved it
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