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Default Navy Yard False-Flag

You know, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that the Navy Yard incident was just the latest false-flag.

Number one: how can you get into this building (bldg 197) with an AR-15 without being seen on the security cameras??

Number two: this young man fired a couple of shots at some folks, and MISSED THEM. So much for him being an expert marksman. How could ONE lousy shooter kill 13 people within just few minutes??

I can go on and on with why this incident reaks to high heaven, but I will, instead, go into the most probable scenario as to how and why the Navy Yard compound was used in this latest massacre of the public.

First of all, it's an easily controlled area. No one in, or out, due to the tight security. Again, the same things that makes this a highly secured area were also the same things that were used to ensure total control of the situation that took place there.

There is no doubt to me that there were other gunmen. But how, you may ask, could these others escape from such a secure place?? The answer to that question is TUNNELS.

Tunnels extend under D.C. by the hundreds of miles. These tunnels connect The White House, The Navy Yard, Congress building, and others, and it is well known that golf carts are used to traverse the tunnels between these locations.

The tunnel under the Navy Yard building 197 no doubt has elevators that carries people up from this tunnel, and also carries them down into the tunnel system. Granted, not all workers know about this system, nor do all workers have access to this tunnel. Only the "elite" have the "clearance" to access the tunnel.

The other gunmen who were there to help in this carnage used this tunnel system to go into 197, commit their crimes, and then leave the area via the same tunnel system. Now the only problem is to make sure that video from inside building 197, taken by the security cameras, would be immediately confiscated and destroyed. Enter the FBI.

The FBI has a proven track record of creating false-flag situations. In fact, they create more death than they prevent. However, knowing that the public,with cell phone cameras, were the biggest reason that The Boston Marathon false-flag was exposed, the FBI knew that they HAD to have a more controlled situation where the public would never be allowed to play the role that they had played at Boston.

It's funny that the FBI immediately took control of this false-flag at the Navy Yard. The Navy has their own "Naval Investigative Service" (NIS) that could surely out-do the FBI in competance alone. And that is the exact reason why the FBI HAD to take over this investigation, so that they could manipulate the scene, and manipulate the lies that would "prove" that a lone gunmen was able to penetrate a very highly secure area, WITH SOMEONE ELSE'S PASS, and go on to kill 13 people.

13, buy the way, is the letter "M." As in Masons. As in "Owl of Minerva." (added just for thought) In other words, this may have been a human sacrifice on the part of the Masons/Illuminati. After all, why just kill people when you can kill people and make it a sacrifice to Satan?? Talk about killing two birds with one stone!!!

Folks, Navy Yard WAS A FALSE-FLAG. But the truth is being buried.......deep inside of a tunnel under Washington, D.C.

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