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the tealady
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The best bit of Borat was the fact that the snotty Southern lady sued him over the poo in the bag after she found out it was a p***take.
Unlike a lot of other people, David walks the talk. Be careful who you trust in this alternative media and research.

Please don't feed the trolls.

When I LIKE a post, it does not always mean I agree, it can also just mean I think a valid point has been made.
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ha ha look all the blonde people are turning gay, transgender or infertile due to hormone mimicking endocrine disruptors the corporations have put in all the products; soon they won't be able to reproduce themselves at all....

yeah so funny....lap it up morons

zyklon B is so laaast century baby....endocrine disruptors are far more effective for genocide. And to rub salt in their wounds we'll mock them to their face in a way they won't even realise that we're doing it! In fact the dumbed down idiots will actually buy our movies and make us rich! Ha ha we're sooo clever!

And when their women come to us for jobs we'll fuck them over the casting couch or put them in porno films that we will desseminate over the internet to the whole world

when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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Let me just Channel this.

Ali G: Booyakashar! And to night is da night when we’s is going to look into what the Ray Kurzeil’s is doin for humankind. Stay tuned for dis exclusive interview!

Ali G: Yo Ray, How’s da silicon valley and it’s a’breast o’ techmology?
Ray Kurzeil: Well, we’re doing a lot in silicon valley right now.
Ali G: I eard dey call it da devils playground. Do you do devil worshipin and fings like dat?
Ray Kurzweil: I have not heard it be called that before. We are a small group of engineers working on key problems and overcomming difficulties in miniaturisation.

Ali G: What is your view on womens breast implant, will you be improving dem with what you ave been developin?
Ray Kurzweil: Well that’s not an area that we have a lot of specialisation in.
Ali G: But you work in silicon init?
Ray Kurzeil: We do but not in that way.
Ali G: So why is it that you insist on calling it Silicon Valley?
Ray Kuzweil: It’s a nickname we gave to the area as a lot of workshops sprang up over the years all working on the same problem on how to get as many transistors onto a thin slither of silicon as possible.
Ali G: But how flexible is it?

Ray Kurzweil: The technology has been comming on in leaps and bounds in recent years and we are looking to form active components onto flexible material so that it can be worn in garments and inside the human body.

Ali G: But isn’t that how it’s been all along though?
Ray Kurzweil: How do you mean?
Ali G: Well we is bofe men right, so we don’t need to go beating about da bush now dat society ‘as become more pluralistic. We bofe know what silicon is used for and I’m OK about it cos it gives it firmness to hold onto like, when you’s doin’ da business. So, what I’s askin is, what are da improvements you ‘ave made, over in da valley?

Ray Kurzweil: Well here you have hit on an interesting point because the improvement has been huge.
Ali G: Nice!
Ray Kurzweil: The level of intelligence we are able to put into materials and implants has risen exponentialy just over the last five years. Five years ago we wouldn’t be doing what we are able to do right now. That’s how far it’s come in such a short time.
Ali G: So, what can dey do now dat dey couldn’t do back den?
Ray Kurzweil: My God, pretty much anything you can imagine and more.
Ali G: Well, like what?
Ray Kurzweil: Well as you know you have wearable technology such as fitness watches...
Ali G: What? I’ve not seen dem, where can you buy em?
Ray Kurzweil: Well any high street retailer, and online at Amazon.
Ali G: Not round Stanes it isn’t. You can’t get dose watches. If you could, I would have one.
Ray Kurzweil: A fitness watch?
Ali G: Yeah. Ah dat, is something I would always use cos der are so many fit birds round here and if I had a watch dat could do dat it would take a lot of hassle out of da pullin’.

Ray Kurzweil: Er... I think I see what you are getting at. You want a watch that can talk to strangers?
Ali G: Das right. No. Not any strangers, just da fit ones wiv da silicon.
Ray Kurzweil: Are you sick or something? Are we even on the right channel here? I’m talking about microchips.
Ali G: Na, I don’t really do dem cos my uncle Jamal, he as a fing about microwave ovens and, he don’t like da way dey come out soggy. Anyway, he don’t cook and prefers it from da chip place up ‘is road, dey do em da way he like em.
Ray Kurzweil: I think it’s time to end this, come on this guy’s a jerk let’s go.
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truth seeker 09
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