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Red face We Shall Overcome

For those interest, lots and lots of people on Face Book are organising a day of peaceful protest in the UK. Lots of things to be confirmed - but as they say - the more the merrier. The group is named We shall overcome and the objective is:
to organise our expression of grief and sorrow at either Buckingham Palace or the Cenotaph. It is not an open discussion group for any and every political issue and posts that are not relevant to the event will be deleted as will images that are just about how people feel about the Tories or individuals. We need the skills of many people, to organise, make contacts, spread the word, help each other, make sure that those who cannot attend for any reason are represented if they want to be. It is then a co-operative event for all of us, me included,as I am the most disorganised person on the planet.

The line has been draw and crossed and is so far back I can't see it any more. My letters have served to inform, encourage and have opened discussion, but I have been very aware that they aren't getting through. Today is the day when, no matter what, I must do something more and this idea was discussed by Ruth Harris and I yesterday as a non-protest, but an expression of grief for our poor country and the people.

Join in and get the message across.
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WHo TF are you?
WHo TF is Ruth Harris?
And, WTF use does a shindig in Trafalgar Square ever accomplish?
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"Displaying free will energy on a protest march or in a riot at symbolic temples like the Bank of England is the same as getting on your knees in a real temple and praying." - Matthew Delooze
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