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Default "~ David Icke ~" Group on FB Overrun

Eye tile work , in the middle of the "world" underneath the World Trade Tower Complex - was there pre- and post- dustification of Towers.

"~ David Icke ~" Group on FB Overrun with vicious trolls doing heavy duty psy-op

Just started a few days ago.. And Facebook is colluding, since this Group is now every day, every minute first on my page - and has never appeared there before, even once.

Can somebody tell me what just happened? Why are they suddenly attacking with their "cognitive infiltration" program?

Did Mr. Icke say or do something important recently? Something to do with the obviousness of the latest "terror attack" in Paris? Which was called - out as staged , on very short notice?

What gives?

Also, any Admins here who want to find out who the Admin is over there who in enabling the attacks, please help.. I don't want to quit the group.. There are 30K members there.. And a lot will want to quit it , by this extreme annoyance and hate attack.

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Default Icke's followers must have really hit a nerve...

Every single post is a flame / troll.. Who is the Admin Adam kidding? He says it's all fine now.. He got rid of one troll / Provocateur?

Also, Ikce must have really hit a nerve somewhere to get all these paid provocateurs assigned over there.

Never seen anything like it.. Must have been the Prime Minister of England naming "conspiracy theorists" as "terrorists" - Must have got the money flowing for these people.

At least they have jobs?
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hayed joe
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I share his pictures (OK, not all of them)... but I'd never dream of actually talking to the people who post in the comments!
Because you can never say "Shit... I'm fucked" enough in your own language
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cosmic tramp
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Hmmm synchronous serendipity or what...just reading this thread on a public computer and a friend has come up and gifted me with a free copy of "Alice in Wonderland and The World Trade Centre Disaster..." by David Icke.

...perhaps there truly is something in all this...
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This is NOT David's site. Absolutely nothing to do with him just someone using his name.

This is David's Official FB page https://www.facebook.com/davidicke

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cognitive infiltration, facebook, haters, trolls

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