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Exclamation Wowsers.

Originally Posted by furling View Post
Shame many blindly agree when it comes to pets but will they agree, when it's there kids being chipped and believe the same reasons.
I knew there had been some talk of chipping dogs in recent years, but I never knew that they had passed compulsory legislation and that the implementation date was imminent. It's just one of those things that passed me by for some reason. I find it all very alarming!
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I heard about this last week, and I nearly mentioned it on here. I find this legislation very disturbing and also very authoritarian. Who has the right to tell you have to chip your pet? its your property not theirs. Sadly though, many owners will lapp all this up and take it for granted. I very much doubt they will ever see where all this is leading, or allegedly leading to, the eventual chipping of humans. I still have a hard time in believing how we go from pets to humans. With pets there are obviously lots of "advantages" being pushed at us, mainly to do with dogs that go missing. So these chips, if a dog goes missing, can be used to locate them? lol I doubt it, its not James Bond. I bet most people think its as easy as that. I think all that "if your dog gets chipped and goes missing, then it'll be found/located" is nonsense IMO. As far as that reason, I cannot think of any other reason except for control, or trace owners of potentially dangerous or aggressive dogs.
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I'd forgotten all about this.

Shit! I've only got a couple of months left to get a foreign body injected into my dog!

Yeah, right....

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Dog n Chips sounds ok
it will certainly be better than the usual kebab n chips
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Both our dogs are chipped. Furious about this.
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dogs today us tomorrow
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Dogs today!
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This came into law in Ireland this/last week...An EU directive? Some one must making a few quid...

How is having an implant going to make a dog less dangerous any way

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Try convincing or informing people that we are next on the microchipping list is one of those things which will guarantee to receive either a big laugh or eye rolling "you're mentally Ill" look from people. Yet what's so hard to understand about it?. "They wouldn't do that", sorry but yes they would.
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