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I will die first before any ass puts anything into my body! as for conforming! stuff em! I'm not afraid of being without, and I ain't going to let them get to me. I'll fight till I have no strength or breath left in my body, and I'll die no slave to them! Stuff ID, Stuff their laws, Stuff Royalty, Stuff them all, the Illuminati pompas self righteous blood sucking mother f*****s!
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Thumbs up

Originally Posted by gold View Post
I will die first before any ass puts anything into my body! as for conforming! stuff em! I'm not afraid of being without, and I ain't going to let them get to me. I'll fight till I have no strength or breath left in my body, and I'll die no slave to them! Stuff ID, Stuff their laws, Stuff Royalty, Stuff them all, the Illuminati pompas self righteous blood sucking mother f*****s!
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Scott R. Silverman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of VeriChip, said, “I am very proud that we surpassed both of the publicly stated growth metrics we provided to the investor community in early 2007. We reported record revenue of $32.1 million, above our guidance, and also reported hospital registrations and protocol adopted hospitals in the VeriMed Patient Identification System of more than 900 and 200, respectively. Our record annual revenues were driven by our healthcare security business and strong sales of our industrial products. Looking ahead, we expect consolidated revenues for 2008 of $36-38 million, driven primarily from continued double-digit, top-line growth within our healthcare security and industrial businesses."


So the hospitals are ready to read microchips.
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BTW, there's a vid on youtube,
and on 1:22 you see an animated "monster", out of a game, I don't remember what game it was, and then it shows the subliminals, not only skulls'n'bones but VeriChips as well!
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On Verichip.com they're using hurricane katrina as a referrence to explain how 'helpful it was for the coroners'.WTF?

and note where this dipshits from..
all these fuckin scumbags know eachother


i say fuck verichip AND fema.
Those who have a different resonance, whose Wholeness Navigator has been awakened and they are led by it, they are all about deepening their perceptions of the prison walls. They are sensing the walls in their every waking moment. In doing this, they do not fear the walls, they do not fear the guards, and they do not fear those whom the guards serve. Their process of realization is sensing the prison walls in every breath so they can dismantle them brick by brick.
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Arrow microshipping in Norway

I'm from Norway....and i was just watching a program...in the end of the program they were telling us what next weeks program is about....it was about how we could microchip ourself so we could shop more easily......then the camera filmed the chip..and they are trying it on drunk people in disco's so they could by drinks etc,etc..as a credit card...but i have to wait a week to watch the whole program....scary!!!.....
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Default Microchipping / Problem-Reaction-Solution

Originally Posted by friendsinthesky View Post
Universal Law.

The universal law being something to do with their religion? You can't be willing party in a contract with the devil by being fooled. Any omission without full knowledge is a null and voided contract, not to mention that any contract in where one knowingly gave consent ie, wealth for your soul like in some classic cases, just one "Dear God, I'm sorry help me." and its over, never mind that it never was real to begin with and we never walk this path alone. Dark entities lie all the time. If they wrote the bible, then their bad knowledge of God and love prevents them from understanding that all their shit is lies, and their bad intent actually falls back on them. But I still pray for them anyway. Everyone is going to evolve eventually. Even the bad guys of the universe. Its just going to take some people longer.
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I've just received the update from Katherine Albrecht (Caspian Newsletter) on RFID which I thought I'd share here:

June 3, 2008

Group's Latest Report Sets Record Straight on Chip Implants, Cancer, and

Opponents of the VeriChip implant are launching a new offensive against
the controversial human microchip this week, amid reports that VeriChip
plans to put its chipping division on the auction block. A new report
titled "Microchip Implants: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions"
released today by CASPIAN Consumer Privacy reveals dirty laundry the
company would probably rather keep hidden as it seeks a buyer for its
beleaguered product.

The 42-page report was authored by CASPIAN director Dr. Katherine
Albrecht, a Harvard-educated privacy expert and long-time critic of the
VeriChip. The highlight of the report is an eleven-page section titled
"Cancer Cover-up" that describes a systematic pattern of lies and
deception engaged by VeriChip executives in an effort to downplay the
fact that implantable microchips cause cancer in laboratory animals.

The report reveals how news outlets like Time Magazine, Business Week,
and the RFID Journal were used as unwitting pawns in a VeriChip scheme
to spread misinformation about the cancer studies. Since research
linking the product to cancer first surfaced last year, each of these
publications has repeated misstatements from VeriChip company
executives, in many cases printing the inaccurate statements verbatim
and unchallenged.

"These were not subjective issues, they were plainly verifiable issues
of fact," Albrecht said. "We were saddened to see the misstatements fall
through the fact-checking cracks of these respected publications. Now
that VeriChip is back in the headlines, we felt it was time to set the
record straight."

VeriChip's media efforts have done little to salvage the company's
public image or its financial performance, both of which plummeted after
research linking the implantable microchip to cancer was widely revealed
by the Associated Press in September 2007. The same company that once
predicted revenues in the "billions" earned just $3,000 from its
microchip implant operations in the first quarter of 2008, as patients
shun the device that many are now calling the "cancer chip."

Investors have also distanced themselves from the failing company, with
VeriChip's stock plummeting from a high of $10.62 last year to just over
$2.00 today.

VeriChip's VP of business development, Jay McKeage, acknowledged the
implant division suffers from "a substantial cash burn" and is "not
sustainable on its own." As a result, he says, VeriChip plans to "shop
the VeriMed / Health Link [human implantable chip] business around
widely" in hopes that another company will take the unpopular product
off its hands.

However, with recent blog headlines like "VeriChip Death Watch" making
the rounds, Albrecht has a hard time imagining who, if anyone, will want
to buy the business.

"This is a company that has engaged in a consistent pattern of making
false and misleading statements," she said. "It has lied to the public,
to the media, to its shareholders, and to regulatory agencies," she
said, citing additional evidence from the report indicating that
VeriChip hid cancer evidence from the FDA when the agency reviewed the
implant's safety in 2004.

"We laid out all the evidence in our report," she added. "We want to
make sure no one else gets burned by VeriChip."

================================================== ===========

CASPIAN's new report, "Microchip Implants: Answers to Frequently Asked
Questions," is a comprehensive reference guide to implantable microchips
in animals and humans. It provides thoroughly-researched, footnoted
answers to 85 of the most commonly asked questions about the implantable
microchip, including religious, privacy, social, and health questions.
The report concludes with a list of recommendations for patients, pet
owners, and policy makers affected by the device.

The new report is available for free download on the group's
AntiChips.com website at:

While on the website, readers are encouraged to download Dr. Albrecht's
comprehensive 52-page overview of the studies, "Microchip-Induced Tumors
in Laboratory Rodents and Dogs: A Review of the Literature 1990-2006,"
and to review scanned copies of the original documents.

================================================== ===================

CASPIAN (Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering) is a grass-roots consumer group fighting retail surveillance schemes since 1999 and irresponsible RFID use since 2002. With thousands of members in all 50 U.S. states and over 30 countries worldwide, CASPIAN seeks to educate consumers about marketing strategies that invade their
privacy and encourage privacy-conscious shopping habits across the retail spectrum.


You're welcome to duplicate and distribute this message to others who
may find it of interest.
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Default with RFID identity can't be stolen??????

That's what I sometimes hear.
How about: cutting people open and find the chip......
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Default VeriChip sells an RFD Business

Full Article : http://www.rfidupdate.com/news/05202008.html

RFDUpdate 20th May

"Editor's Note: Today's top story is a report on what may be the death throes for human-implantable RFID producer VeriChip. An executive warned that the company is currently too small to be sustainable after the sale of a major business unit last week. It now lacks revenue streams to fund the development and marketing of human-implantable RFID chips for its VeriMed business, leading to questions about the company's very viability....."
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Originally Posted by bicycle View Post
Pentagon to implant microchips in soldiers' brains
The Department of Defense is planning to implant microchips in soldiers' brains for monitoring their health information, and has already awarded a $1.6 million contract to the Center for Bioelectronics, Biosensors and Biochips (C3B) at Clemson University for the development of an implantable "biochip".

Trouble is that when the chips go wrong, which any device can, they will think their troops are dead!!!
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Hi, I have just been in touch with Greg via myspace and his site. He has put forward the idea of a compilation cd of artists with songs against the microchip. I've put a post on the Forum Talent BB (see "For all Musicians Against The Microchip")
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Originally Posted by steevo View Post
No way will i or my future kids get a chip cos I wont allow it, I will be prepared to die for the cause (I am soooo dramatic sometimes arent I hee hee lol).

The problem is that the kids at school are getting brainwashed whilst they are there, and are being told that it is a good thing for everyone and they find it very glamorous especially when a very impressive policeman in his uniform comes to chat with them about it. The kids come home from school and say "Oh mum/dad it's for our safety and stop being silly, get with the times", also the kids are taught at school that vaccinations are the norm.

The future is in the hands of OUR GENERATION. If we ignore it, then our kids are in deep shit.
Reminds me of a Manic Street Preachers song "if you tolerate this then your children will be next"

Most people will accept this mark because it will be sold on peoples fears - never lose your loved ones etc

Our generation is the last to experience freedom, they know this and that is why they are targeting kids because when the younger generation accepts it, then it becomes the norm for future generations, it is up to us and we need to educate our kids aswell -we owe it to them
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maybe I should go back to nursing, learn about these things and become some back street chip stripper armed with a syringe of local anesthetic, alcohol swab and some plyers

these things are soooooo fucking wrong. kids are being brainwashed to give all of their details out for fun anyway, so "what harms a chip, mum?" Like its been said, these things will be made 'cool' and it will be a drama if parents refuse, ie the Satanical Services will come round and put your kids in care, cos if you really loved your kids you'd wanna protect 'em. WAH.

I will never get one. Never.
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I'd throw up at the thought of being microchipped. I'd probably end up piggling it out. If we don't grow micorchips through evolution then we don't NEED microchips.
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