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Default govern-ment = control-mental


Those who work for the government are also controlled. There is no conspiracy, every person is responsible for him/her self own mind. In the hive mind, each being is a gear in clock that only knows to watch time. When a person becomes aware of this, the only thing they can do is separate from the hive and carve their own pathway, using the hive mind as a carving tool


Dear hater, I appreciate your negative flow of energy as it stands in contrast to my positive experience of life. To judge me is to judge your self, for I am your reflection of a part of your self that you choose to deny, and your denial is my confirmation, because everything has 2 sides


Heaven = Have FUN


It’s fun to be a Freemason in a world of Consumers


Craig http://illumi-nati-dread.com/2011/06...ve-mind-clock/

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