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Originally Posted by neocon View Post
It wouldn't make any difference because if we all do nothing the advancing Police State will continue anyway and we'll all end up in a global fascist state. The only way to stop this process is by not being afraid of it and continuing to awaken others by spreading information. If we do nothing we will end up losing our freedom anyway so all we can do is continue doing what we are doing. We really don't have any choice if we want to be free. The more we spread information and awaken others the less likely we are to lose our freedom. Keep going and don't allow fear to stand in your way.

Why do we pay the fascist media when all they do is support the fascist elites
Fools speak because they have to say something, wise men speak because they have something to say. PLATO. And then... there is Tony Blair.

It doesn't matter if this world is real or an illusion, the effects are still the same.
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Dear Mr Davis,

I have been informed via numerous Internet sources that you have decided to reject an invitation of a debate with David Icke,

I was greatly disappointed on hearing his news, due to the fact Mr Icke has been writing on the subject of the Big Brother state you speak of in his work for around 20 years,
leading to the decision of your resignation in the Haltemprice and Howden constituency, resulting in today's by-election of which Mr Icke is an independent candidate of,

I believe that you are campaigning for a great cause, which I was very enthusiastic on first hearing, however, the erosion of civil liberties is a problem that can be seen
on an international scale, and the current Big Brother state we live in is only the very very start of what is yet to come,

Which according to Mr Icke would be something likened to an Orwellian fascist global state, under an international DNA database, as well as a computer linked
micro-chipped population, or more specifically, RFID chips, a world with digital currency, linked to this computer database, under a "world bank", with citizens not only living under the constant surveillance of CCTV cameras, but under a constant fear of a "world army", with the thoughts of the populace manipulated via their RFID chips, in a world devoid of all free speech,
all arts, all free-thought, all protest, and all freedom,

So please Mr Davis, unless you support this agenda, which you may of course do, I unfortunately assume you are merely a puppet of this "New World Order", and like so many other politicians,
are an instigator of the globalization of an Orwellian fascist police state,

So as Mr Icke has dubbed his campaign, I would heavily suggest you debate with him on "Big Brother - The Bigger Picture"

I shall unfortunately assume your true agenda is the The Bigger Picture David Icke speaks of,

Your Sincerely,

Jacob Richardson.
“Education is dangerous - Every educated person is a future enemy” - Herman Goering

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