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Originally Posted by archimedes View Post
that's assuming he was alive in the first place, and not cyborg.
Believe me, I have already considered that possibility
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Well he’s pushing through NAFTA as part of his wall deal.
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I believe we are far closer to the NWO commencing than we are the wall being completed anytime soon. There are just three countries left to install FED central banks in and once done the Rothschild/Rockefeller hold on the planet is official! Syria and North Korea are both ready to deal or getting damn close which means once they give in and the people cry out for help they'll get new banks to loan new money to them! "Yeah man to help them as I pointed out earlier" but tis all the same ruse as before with Iraq and Libya, Plead with people pretending to stay out of it, claiming no responsibility and blame it on their horrible leader forgetting of course that they are not horrible but loved leaders always!

Assad is a loved leader being removed so the FED can check off another country they have a hold on. Once these all fall and new FED banks are everywhere they will forget all about that damn wall!
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