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Default Alex jones admits trump a product of army intelligence

Is it really that surprising to see that Trump has been brought to power by the Military Industrial Complex, considering how the whole countries political office has been occupied to wage war?
Aka Military Mad Men/maniacs/psychopaths occupying positions of “power” while appearing to be anti-establishment so you support their agenda. That’s the idea.

So far they’ve been advancing agendas in the Middle East as this international Zionist agenda that is being played out through the Military Industrial Complex, largely is taking place by these international powers out of the U.K., who are plotting to regime change more nations within the Middle East especially Iran and it is all encompassing a plan of “Greater Israel”...
The shocking part is Alex Jones is admitting this while also supporting it, whenever he does brings up Zionism it is to condemn and ridicule those who oppose this Zionist Agenda.

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Danny Edwards
If you believe everything I say, I don’t trust you. More importantly you shouldn’t trust yourself or you own opinion on this until you’ve researched it for yourself!

Knowledge alone is not enough know thyself...

Scio Te Ipsum - Verum Ordo Ad Chao

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Im glad "Alex" admits this!!!
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Alex Jones' family are knee deep in the CIA. He has admitted this as well

Alex Jones' family were also members of the John Birch Society, which is an anti-Communist CIA front group.

Donald Trump's mentor was Roy Cohn of the JBS, who ran pedophile networks for the CIA.

When President Eisenhower spoke of the takeover of America by "the Military Industrial Complex" he was directly speaking about the AMERICAN SECURITY COUNCIL.

The American Security Council was a far rightwing thinktank that was their response to the supposedly "liberal" Council on Foreign Relations, which was based on what was known as the "Eastern establishment"

The American Security Council was funded by all the major defence corporations and founded by a bunch of rogue US generals who were hell bent on destroying the Soviet Union.

The ASC IS THE MIC than Eisenhower was talking about.


James Jesus Angleton - CIA chief and Mossad liason. Knight of Malta

Ray Cline - CIA and co founder of the World Anti Communist League which was another CIA operation to oppose socialism across the globe.

Joseph Coors - Beer Baron and head of Coors Foundation which would fund various right wing causes. Co founder of both the Heritage Foundation and the Council for National Policy.

Edward Feulner - Chairman of Manhattan Institute, Treasurer of the Mont Pelerin Society, Knight of Malta, President of Heritage Foundation, executive member of the Council for national Policy, Bohemian Grove, PNAC member, and currently on Donald Trump's transition team.

Jack Kemp
- Financer of Tea Party

Ronald Reagan - ASC and CNP choice for president in 1980. Was a member of the ASC and spoke before the CNP.

Richard Mellon Scaife - Head of Mellon Scaife Foundation which has donated over $200 million to rightwing causes including, American Enterprise Institute, Accuracy in Media, TeaParty, Hoover Institute, Manhattn Institute, ASC. Is the main financier of all the Clinton conspiracies. Is the Co founder and Vice Chairman of the Heritage Foundation.

Charlie Wilson - Democratic Senator famous for movie made about him played by Tom Hanks. He helped arm the Islamic radicals in Aghanistan and was close to the Mossad.

Ian Smith - Prime Minister of Apartheid Rhodesia.

Guy Bannister - FBI special agent involved in the JFK assassination. He was one of Oswalds handlers. Louisiana coordinater of Minutemen. Involved in anti Communist operations.

Cleon Skousen - Racist Mormon. Former FBI special agent. Wrote conspiracy material attacking the Eastern establishment "Naked Communist" Member of the Council for National Policy and John Birch Society. Regular Alex Jones guest.

Col. Michael Aquino - US Army psyop division, and linked to pedophile scandal and Satanism in the military.

General Douglass MacArthur - Named as coup plotter against FDR. WW2 General. Wanted to nuke the Chinese during the Korean war. Ran in far right circles and saved Rev Sun Myung Moon of the Moonie cult during the Korean war. Moon would become one of the lead financiers of the World ANti Communist league and Council for National Policy.

Col. Oliver North - Key Iran/Contra operative and member of the Council for National Policy. Appearted on Fox News and MSNBC promoting Iraq war.

General John K Singlaub - Original member of the CIA. Member of the Council for National Policy, founder of both Western Goals which worked with the John Birch Society and World ANti Communist league. Involved in Iran/Contra operation.

General Robert E Wood - Chairman of Sears. Initially set up both America First Committee and American Security Council.

General Curtis Lemay - Oversaw firebombing of Japan in ww2. Oversaw bombing of North Korea. Advocated use of nuclear weapons in both wars. RAND corporation. Wanted all out war with the USSR. Was vice president candidate for segregationist George Wallace in 1968

General William Westmoreland - Head of US Army in Vietnam.

Averell Harriman - Eastern establishment. Council on Foreign Relations. Helped set up Marshall plan. Railroad magnate.

Henry Kissinger
- Key Bilderberg and CFR member. Knight of Malta.

Henry Luce - Owner of Time magazine. Knight of Malta. Close to CIA head and fellow Knight of Malta Allen Dulles. Bought the rights to the Zapruder film showing JFK assassination and published the now infamous frames.

Roger Pearson
- Nazi supporter and Eugenecist who worked with white nationalist Willis Carto in publishing far right material. Member of the Heritage foundation and headed the World Anti Communist Leage with CIA chief John Singlaub. Knight of Malta.

Nelson Bunker Hunt - Helped start up both the John Birch Society and the Council for National Policy. Knight of Malta.

The American Security Council would then go on to form offshoots like

the John Birch Society
the World Anti Communist League
the Heritage Foundation
the Council for National Policy
the Western Goals Foundation

Alex Jones has ties to both the JBS and the CNP. He also apparently was selling pocket constitutions printed by the Heritage Foundation.

Alex Jones himself is working for the MIC which is why he is promoting Trump who was put in the office, not by Russia, but by this American Security Council network, better known today as the CNP.

If anybody really wants to know what the "deep state" is and how they operate, they need to look into this network.

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vancity eagle
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very interesting video Danny.

also the narrator talks about private intelligence networks within the CIA, and not the CIA itself.

Like I have explained Western Goals Foundation was one of these private security networks that was running the Iran Contra operation.

Western Goals was run by

Larry McDonald - head of the John Birch Society

John Singlaub - Former CIA head, and member of the ASC and CNP

Nelson Bunker Hunt - founded CNP and JBS member, his father was involved in JFK assassination



Not the joke that Trump supporters talk about when they blame democratic politicians.

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speaking more on the convergence of private military firms and intelligence we understand that a Stephen Feinberg who is the CEO of Cerebus Management is being considered by Trump to head his new intelligence advisory board.


Cerebus Management owns Freedom Group (America's top gun manufacturer) and DYNCORP. DynCorp of course was found to be running human trafficking networks

DynCorp gets government funds to provide military contracting services.

Also amongst Trump's team of advisors is Erik Prince of the CNP who runs Academi (formerly Blackwater) another private network of military contractors.

Both Prince and Feinburg have lobbied to have their private military contractors take over in Afghanistan.

So we have 2 key figures in the Trump administration who run private military contracting firms, and one of them (Feinburg) is being seriously considered to advise Trump on intelligence matters.

Feinburg was to "review" the intelligence agencies


So a guy who owns Dyncorp private military contractors, which have been caught human trafficking, is to "review" the intelligence agencies.

This is the very intersection between the intelligence agencies and private outfits where all sorts of black operations takes place.

Erik Prince also stated that a new GLOBAL Phoenix Program should be undertaken.


the Phoenix program was a program of infiltration into Vietcong membership and to eliminate them through assassination.

Not only is Prince advocating this, but so is CNP member Oliver North, who was directly involved in Iran/Contra under Reagan. North also involved in the previous private intelligence network Western Goals in the 80's.

excerpt from above article

"A major new investigation by The Intercept says the Trump administration is weighing plans to create a global network of private spies who would report directly to the White House and CIADirector Mike Pompeo.

According to the investigation, the proposal was developed by Erik Prince, founder of the now-defunct private mercenary firm Blackwater, and Oliver North, a Marine lieutenant colonel who oversaw the Reagan administration’s covert operation to divert money from secret arms sales to Iran to right-wing death squads in Nicaragua, a scheme now known as the Iran-Contra scandal.

The Intercept reports Prince and North have pitched the private network of spies as a way for the White House to counter members of the intelligence community, or the so-called deep state, who Trump claims are subverting his presidency. The Intercept also reports the White House is considering another proposal to create a new global kidnapping and rendition program

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With the above bolded quotation in that article about private intelligence and with the knowledge of how these guys want to reform the intelligence agencies it has now become clear to me what the purpose of this entire FBI investigation into Trump/Russia and all this "release the memo" psy ops are all about.

the CNP network wants to entirely transform the intelligence community in order to give them more power and ability to conduct secret operations, and to target their enemies with impunity.

In order to legitimize this reform, which may be headed by Stephen Feinburg and Erik Prince, THEY NEED TO MAKE IT APPEAR THAT THE FBI AND CIA ARE AGAINST TRUMP.

They will try and claim that these agencies are using "illegal procedures" such as this current FBI "realase the memo" narrative and then completely purge these institutions and fill them with the darkest elements of the US deep state.

Guys like Oliver North and Erik Prince who have a long history of dark dealings using private intelligence and military networks.

They will claim the FBI and perhaps CIA are "colluding to depose Trump" then purge them and reorder them to their liking.

Remember that the FBI and CIA were largely reformed after the investigation of the Tower commission into illegal activities during the Iran/Contra affair.

Now it seems that the reverse is taking place with the disgraced, covert deep state elements now attempting to get a major foothold back into these intelligence agencies, first by discrediting them through Trump, and then replacing them with the old CNP Iran/Contra operatives.

These are very dark times.
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