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tom bombadil
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Hi all! I am hearing of late, the notion of storing what you eat and eating that which you store. I like that idea more and more.

One can spend tons of cash on stuff that might come in handy and end up chucking it away in years to come, as even some of those things do go off.

But just by holding on to the notion that if you store the normal stuff, the stuff anyone might buy day to day, and supliment the food with home grown foods etc then you can stretch any of your normal amount. It just means having a good store of foods to start. What do I mean?

Well, you still do collect the foods that you eat and have eaten for all your life, and that which you have grown accustomed to and like. You then just increase the amounts you buy as the weeks go by and then sooner or later you have a food store that might last you six months and none of it will ever go off ( ##see below) as it is all packaged like normal and sits on your shelf like normal.

As the weeks go by, you start to get bigger bags or bottles of those goods and you learn simple storage solutions like splitting and sealing into smaller bags and the big bags of rice that can save a few bob in the long term go further. You buy the same tins as most other things are in tins or bottles and these are harder to split, or if you buy bags of things like red kidney beans, then this is far better and cheaper. I am rambling a bit but I hope you get the point! You look for bigger bags and split them and this saves you money. You are still eating the same foods. You dont need to buy a means of 'canning' (tough in the uk) or drying or vacume sealing just yet as your food wont 'age' that much in the six month turn-over.

##You are also still eating the same veggies, be they fresh or frozen or tinned or bottled. But like the buying in bulk thing, with frozen veg you take advantage of offers and store in the freezer if you have the space. It wont be too much as you wont need a huge amount of frozen food for six months worth. You also include things like meat, pies pizzas etc, all the normal stuff. If you find it is to much for your freezer then you might like to consider things like 'dry preparing' your veggies. Frozen vwg can be ideal for this as it is already half done for you. You only need to do stuff like this when you are having storage issues. I dont suggest you get a new freezer unless (and only if it is as follows) you only have a small space on the top of your fridge. You could also try 'canning', but like I said, that is not as easy over here in Blighty.

While doing all this you spend a few hours in the garden and prep the area for growing veg of your own. It might take a whole year to get to the six month turn-around, so you have to start growing your own. You dont need much variety, or much space for that matter. just the same stuff that you already get. You dont need four varieties of tomatoes or three potatoes, or lots a different greens. Just the same stuff you get now. For a lot of folk that might be corn, peas, spinage, carrots, brockley, cabbage. Even if you double that amount, you still dont have more than fifteen different 'growths' to contend with. Plant an apple tree (£10) and it will provide in a few years no problem. Plant some grapes, or onions (they grow anywhere).

You are suplimenting your six months and could spread it for a good few months using your own back garden or patio (container gardening).

In the mean time learn to keep chickens and rabbits for food. By the end of the year you could have got hold of enough pallets to make a high box and run for the cost of a 'jemmy' for the wood and a few nails etc. A cheap rabit hutch is not a good investment so make one of those too. Look on the web for an efficiant design as the rabits are food not pets.

You will in a couple of years, be providing all of your needs by the back garden and duditious purchasing. The food is like a good investment too. It will go up over time, so you have a six month buffer at all times. You look for deals and because your garden is stretching your tins and bags you have more cash to buy the deals.

In a nutshell then; Buy the same food, only more at a time. Get to a six or more months of back-up.
Start a garden with seeds that you buy from the allotment shop close to home (this will mean that the seeds are aclimatised to your areas soil and conditions). They will be cheaper and you will get free advice too.
Find pallets and plans for a coup and rabbit hutch. Buy or borrow the tools to make them from the grower of the seeds. They are now your friend.
Buy veg from them. It will be cheaper and nicer to eat.
Learn how to kill a rabbit. Then how to prep. it.
Learn to cook soups and make the most of the food you have.

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