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Default Flipping/initiating the energy/you to perversion

Your body is your temple here on earth.
Taking your lower energy from your lower chakras below the heart and changing them with your higher ones above the heart and make them perverted.


I like family guy but what it is.IS initiating you into there/nwo thinking perverting and destroying morals like all tv does now days on tv.And changing males to females and vice versus.It is about changing energy.
Tv and everybody on the masses is being programed to become like them.

Double think.
Watch how the show says everything but it means the opposite.
Also watch how the intro here takes you up by playing a piano=sound(remember everything is energy)Start you at the bottom of the pryamid and takes them up step by step.To the top,then it shows them in the eye .Then it shows the tv.
You the people has been initiated into the club on the masses. Programed into being perverted like them.
How by energetics on a subconscious level.They also want people in confusion state so they can easy mold you down the road..
This is why society/kids is all confused now days and other reasons.

family guy intro/nwo pyramid

This implies all types of media!!!
Why you think tv shows is all dysfunctional families now .
Why are they doing this for the ascended master/fallen angels and lower spirits.And confusion.

Watch old tv shows over the last 80s 70s 60s to 50s
You can tell the energtics was not as perverted and people were way more wholesome.Go ahead watch some old shows and see yourself.

Also they use additives in food and water and frequencies devices ect. To change the energy of males and females,but most important the chemtrails.
They want to harm the human body your temple on earth in all ways.All ways.

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Stop being molded by them.I dont know what we are gonna do about the crystalline nanos in the body and staying air in certain regions example the oregon state region and being sprayed by the chemtrails?

Its time to wake up see the real threats for what they are.

Become awake

You may not see or sense the crystalline nanos/chemtrails

Network - Mad as Hell Scene

Its worst than we can imagine!!

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I didn't watch the videos, TC, but I certainly liked your post... Your analysis and message is interesting, although it's not going to get any listeners/readers unless you're able to articulate it better...
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T.V. is hypnosis! The surface appeals to your ideology and humor, whilst the underside corrupts your morals... True 'Art' no longer exists in the media... Only deception...
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I think the article was great. I always learn something new. It was very well written, and was great to let sink in. My question is, how do I fix myself? I just recently woke up and now realize that I was living like them. It makes sense to me now why I was never able to have a real relationship with anyone, and never able to give/receive true love. I am very sad, and disappointed in my self, with all of the pain and suffering that I caused everyone. The times that were wasted and can never get back, all because I was selfish and blind. I was and still am perverted. I don't want to be. What must I do to change?
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