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jack tripper
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Default How to deal with annoying health visitor/midwife?

My son is nearly two and my other kid is born in the next few weeks and now I keep getting bombarded with letters through the post addressed to the parent/guardian stating 'WE ARE AWARE THAT YOUR CHILD HAS MISSED HIS IMMUNIZATION IT IS VERY IMPORTANT YOU CONTACT US TO ARRANGE HIS IMMUNIZATION'.

And now the health visitor or whatever they are that visit frequently keep bringing it up and I've told them I'm not interested but they keep cornering my other half and saying things like 'Because you'll want to bring him in on that date for his vaccination that is due' 'How old is he now he must be due his immunizations, I'll book an appointment for you'. One of them even wrote on the calender when I wasn't there 'Doctors - immuns', that date has passed and I haven't taken him to the vaccine appointment. How do I shut these people up? I need something that they are unable to rebuke with 'It's very important he has them' and then they give me a bunch of leaflets and booklets about rubella.
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Just ignore it. They did that kind of shit to me too but it never amounted to anything. I never had a "health visitor" so don't know what that is about. In Michigan we (apparently?) had to sign a waiver for school that excused our child from immunization.
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willys girl
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If you are in the Uk they want a reason. Tell them you have made an informed decision and don't wish to have your child vaccinated. They threatened me with all sorts when I refused but when I gave them the reason for my decision they backed off. They try to rattle your cage that's all.
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Same listed all my concerns, and everytime gave her time to answer. I came up with I am scared of cotdeath, in 1980 there was an australian study and they found to their surprise it was vaccine that was causing the child to stop breathing. vaccines wasnt even one of the things they were looking for. Midwife couldnt reply to that, apart from that there is always a tiny risk. I then replied the japs continued that research and started the vaccine after age 2 and SIDs fell by 80%. She thought that was a quee for her to advise me to vaccinate my child when she reaches two years old.

Icome up with a list of questions you know the answer from tha health visitor/wife, I dont know. There isnt one. I cant promise you that vaccine is 100% safe.
I have tried to find scientific papers proving the vaccine schedule is safe, before they added on the new Rotavirus vaccine. Can you please give it to me.
Rotavirus was found by an independent research lab to contain virus which was found in pigs. The FDA went to the manufacturer regarding it. But after we never heard about if the manufactuerer had removed it or not. Can you tell me if they have? How can such a big company like that have missed something like this in their vaccine? Was there any other independent study? How do I know that this vaccine is clean? A lot of other parents got this vaccine and reported their child had the same symptoms for the same amount of days as a unvaccinated child? Is this just one of those flu gimmics?

Talk so long so it messes their timetable, and they are on catch up. Ask them so many question you know they dont know the asnwer of. Then you will see they will make sure they wont speak to you regarding this subject again.
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Originally Posted by willys girl View Post
If you are in the Uk they want a reason. Tell them you have made an informed decision and don't wish to have your child vaccinated. They threatened me with all sorts when I refused but when I gave them the reason for my decision they backed off. They try to rattle your cage that's all.
Here's a few reasons, take your pick:

I am under no obligation to consent to my child receiving any vaccine.
None of these vaccines are compulsory.
I have researched vaccines and I don't believe they are safe, therefore I am not exposing my child to such dangers.
I believe that vaccines do not work.
Vaccines contain many ingredients that may be harmful to my child, therefore I do not want them injected into my child's body.

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I feel for you on this one, op.
The government is making it very difficult to refuse having children vaccinated as pre schools /mum toddler groups demand proof of vaccinations before allowing enrolment, I'm not certain if this is also the case when enrolling for school ?

I found this article which maybe of interest to you, also further reading below main article.

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