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Default Immortals living in Russia

Russia generally doesn't have a reputation for long life expectancy, as it currently ranks 120th in the world for this indicator. Average life expectancy in Russia is 69.3 years, with male life expectancy at 63.4 years being drastically lower than female (75.2 years).

However, there have been many amazing cases of longevity throughout Russia's history. And even today, about 350,000 Russian citizens have reached the age of 90 or older, and about 6,800 of them have crossed the line and reached a century.
There are some within the 60 to 100 age range are known to feel no older than 20, and have delayed one of humanity's most unpleasant moments - death. One that could prise them from every post in the government, the Russian Academy of Sciences and industries.

According to Sputnik News, Vladimir Bryntsalov, the pharmaceutical king of Russia, had a course of stem cell injections and feels no older than 20, though his biological age is about 60. I think Russian President Vladimir Putin has undergone a course of stem cell injections rather than Botox to smooth wrinkles on his face. I guess this is why Putin is healthy and perhaps immortal after all.

Putin is not the only one who is eternal and immortal. We got Vladimir Yakunin, former head of Russian Railways. Anatoli Brouchkov of Moscow State University, injected himself with 3.5 million year-old eternal life bacteria and became stronger and healthier, but became a guinea pig for this experiment. There are also academicians, corresponding members and researchers at the Russian Academy of Sciences. Also are oligarchs and senior officials at the government. These found to be living for eternity include Vladimir E. Fortov, Lev M. Zeleny, Alexander V. Zakharov, Erik M. Galimov, Vladimir Skulachev, Teodor Oizerman.

We believe their eternal longevity was ascribed to their achievements in medicine - such as an radiosurgically complex anti-cancer drugs that have low toxicity, reduce tumor size and prolong a human life made in 2014 - more like an elixir of eternal life. However, the secrecy of such a creation is immense, so the scientists at RAS, oligarchs, Putin and elderly government officials will live for 800 years or more.

Mikhail Rechkin, an expert on the paranormal, thinks that Russia does not need eternally young people with links to organized crime, saying that there is a gulf between the rich and the poor in the country. Eventually the criminal-linked rich will not be allowed to live eternally. There will be a revolution, only if Alexei Navalny, Vera Mysina and the activist group Anonymous work together to start this.
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Immortals don't look like average people. Its not possible for homo sapien sapiens people to become immortal.
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Interesting article. Indeed, Mr Putin looks dignified. But he's a good athlete.
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eternal life, immortal, putin, revolution, russia

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