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Default $$Trillions in "Off the Records" Gold (Part 3)

The information gathered from John Clarence concerning Doc Noss was really awesome. But the information didn't stop with Doc's murder in 1949.

John went on to tell me of how he has the proof that former Presidents were actually removing the gold and silver and the artifacts from inside Victorio Peak. This proof conists of eye-witness testimonies from CIA agents who "were there" when ton after ton of gold was loaded up onto transport planes and hauled off to be re-smeltered. These bars from Victorio Peak were smeltered back in the 1500's to the 1800's, and their crude smeltering techniques allowed for bars that were about 75% pure, at best. They had to be re-smeltered in order to get the 99.9% needed for "the market."

Richard Nixon was one President who had several plane loads of treasure taken from Victorio. President John F. Kennedy was another. This list goes on and on and, I'm quite positive, still goes on to this day.

President Lydon B. Johnson actually bought a Ranch in Mexico, complete with an air-field. The landing strip of this air-field was lengthened to allow for take-off and landing the huge transport planes that were hauling this gold. In the case of LBJ, this gold was being recovered from treasure rooms in Mexico as well as in South America.

Victorio Peak isn't the only treasure site in America that was removed. All across America there were/are many different teams that are recovering these treasure rooms, with each team being unaware of the activities of the other teams.

These treasure rooms and mines were used to accumulate a vast fortune, some of which was kept right here in what is now America (back then it was mostly Mexico) for the purpose of using the wealth to control the growth of The New World. This money allowed for the Masons to control the Banks, the Judges, the Commerce, and so on.

In the last couple of decades the gold market has seen days where the price of gold plunged to new lows. Most of this was caused by the selling (dumping) of this gold recovered from these treasure rooms that was re-smeltered and put onto the market. And when you hear about the lack of gold these days, rest assured that this is a complete lie. There is more gold out there than you can shake a stick at, however, if this fact was known, the price of gold WOULD fall to new lows.

There can be no doubt that Doc Noss had a major part in the government removing the gold from Victorio. The news about this find spread like wildfire across the Nation. Even Masonic Lawyer F. Lee Bailey got into the act when he represented Ova Noss and group of others who were suing the Government to get access to the White Sands Missile Range, in New Mexico, which is where Victorio Peak now sits. The latest stories about Victorio is that it is an empty treasure room. But there are more treasure rooms in the Caballo Mountains, treasure rooms that Doc Noss was "protecting." This entire mountain range is now under the threat of being made off-limits to everyone, using Agenda 21.

A couple decades back I wrote to Arizona Senator John McCain, explaining that I had a place in the Superstition Mountains that would go a long way towards housing the homeless, feeding the hungry, clothing those that needed clothing, etc. He wrote back stating that he had forwarded my letter to the proper authorities. A year or so later, The Superstitions (west of Phoenix, Arizona) were made off-limits to treasure hunters when it was made a National Park. They had a ceremony to celebrate this new park, and it was John McCain that was there, on T.V., to "cut the ribbon" so to speak. Later I learned that John is Illuminati, and so the whole thing began to make sense.

The national Park system (State Park as well) was set up to protect known MAJOR treasure/mine locations. Easily, 95% of ALL Parks have treasure rooms within their boundries. There are still hundreds, if not thousands, of treasure rooms in America that sit on private property and are not protected by the government. But that will change with Agenda 21.

Like I said, there are, literally, trillions of dollars in treasure being recovered. These days the government is on a fast-track to get as many out as they can, due to the knowledge that is now available to the treasure hunters that seek these sites. And it is not just land-based treasure rooms. The Navy has special teams and ships that do nothing more than scan the ocean floor for the treasures that were lost by the Spanish Galleons during hurricane season.

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