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Lightbulb Operating Motor Vehicle- Purchase of Commercial Paper!!!

The cop's job is to sell the person commercial paper. The person is a fiction on paper so it can only interact with other fictions which is paper. It cannot pass this realm.

The word "person" extends to and includes co-partnerships and bodies corporate and politic.
- Rhode Island Statutes § 43-3-6.

The motor vehicle is not what you think it is. It is called a device. A device is an instrument (trust or entity) that is used to distribute profits to persons for the carrying of goods and persons drawn on the highway funds or trust.

A person cannot steer your car or van. The statutes are written in the terms of commercial papers. It has nothing to do with your car or van.

The word "property" in statutes means commercial paper. Commercial papers are future promises for merchandise or money. An example is commodity contracts. Commodity contracts are negotiable contracts for products.

The ownership, share, participation, or franchise in a motor vehicle is the what the statutes are written about. The legalise the statutes are written is about commercial paper and nothing else.

The commercial paper is about profits. The ALL CAPITAL NAME is a trust. The commercial paper is put into the ALL CAPITAL NAME dividend reinvestment.

If not pay for the commercial paper the cops sold you, then you may end up in jail or prison.

Commercial papers can exist as liens on trust, estates, or property (shares in an entity). A ship is a vessel. Unpaid seamen wages can result in liens against other commercial papers. That is considered secured transaction under UCC Article 9. The ship only exist on paper. It is a type of paper vessel used in commerce.

Jean Keating wrote about Statute Merchant and Statue Stable. In statute merchant or statutes staple, the debtor's body is placed in prison and the creditor receive the profits or the rent until it is satisfy.

So the dividend that is flowing into the ALL CAPITAL NAME broker account is used to pay the creditor. The corporate body is the one ended up in prison or jail.

When a minor is involved, it deals with fiduciary duties of the child trust funds. A parent or a donor can purchase stock using the child trust that is set up by will.

A sexual activity is a share or participation in market penetration involving human meat. The movie Soylent Green shows the processing of human meat. In sexual activity the human brain parts are sold. Market penetration is the success in sales in a marketplace. It can refers to mass selling to a target audience. The sex organ is a hermaphrodite salesman. The word “sexual” refers to hermaphrodite because the genders includes each other in statutory language. That is found in the rules of construction.

The word “intercourse” means snacks. It is an intermediate between the courses (meals like lunch and dinner.) Intercourse is snacks for the Extra-Terrestrial shapeshifters.

400 years ago, the sexual words refers to the brain anatomy. The doves that are sold are found in the TIN man's brain. That can be seen in the Marilyn Manson video "Disposable Teens."
The corporation or the human being is modeled after the body of Christ. There are many members in the body. It has a specific function.

The person and commercial paper are a hybridization between the fictional realm and physical products. The physical products are in the promises or rights which is property. A note, check, warrant, bill of exchange, or draft is a promise or a right to money. Commerce must be in the realm of promises. Once it ends, the commerce ends.

A person must interact with commercial paper to be in commerce. The physical objects are placed in trust or name which is a fiction by the agent, trustee, representative, or the body.

A coffee shop must always be in the promises for coffee. If all the coffee transactions are finish, the coffee shop is closed. The customer pay for coffee. The barista promise coffee. The barista gives the coffee to settle the promise. Then a new promise must be made by the cashier.

The shareholders of the coffee shop company is promised dividend. If the process stops, the commerce ends.

Attorneys and politicians belongs to a secret society. So they won't share with you the truth about commercial papers in every criminal case. You have to comprehend it by reading statutes and the Uniform Commercial Code.

If a person is a fiction in a brokerage firm or bank, then the only conclusion is that the person can only interact with another fiction which is commercial papers.

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“"Act" includes a failure or omission to take action. “-720 ILCS 5/2-2

The choose in action is found in Illinois Criminal law. The person perform an act which includes the failure or omission to take action. Uniform Commercial Code Article 1 defines action.

“Action", in the sense of a judicial proceeding, includes recoupment, counterclaim, set-off, suit in equity, and any other proceeding in which rights are determined.”- UCC Section 1-201

The omission or failure has with a security. It is hidden in the legal language. The con is to get you to believe it is something involving not doing a certain thing mandated. It is for negligence civil cases.

Why? You cannot perform an omission except you erase or deleted something. The only way make sense is that the person executed an omission or failure to take (possesses) a chose in action. The other person have to delete it from their account to give the offender person possession of the choose in action.

If you read further, the voluntary act includes the possession of property. So the omission or failure has to be connected with obtaining property. The action is a participation or share in recovering debt from property in foreclosure. It is mortgage back security.

Remittance is close to omit. An voluntary act is involves statute stable or merchant. The failure or omission is the undertaking to perform a duty. The undertaking is the bond.

"Sec. 4-1. Voluntary act.
A material element of every offense is a voluntary act, which includes an omission to perform a duty which the law imposes on the offender and which he is physically capable of performing. "-720 ILCS 5/4-1

Do you remember the mortgage back security crises of 2008? The media is giving you hint about how Illinois criminal statutes work.

The person never leave the realm of investment banking. The cop write a story. There are paperwork done behind the scene by attorneys that causes the investment banking problem which is based on identity thief.

The ALL CAPITAL NAME that you believe you own is a public-private corporation has members/shareholders that benefit from the dividend coming into your corporation from the purchase of securities.

You ended up paying for their identity thief commercial paper crime.

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