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Default Satanism + politics of Assiah

This is an old writing I did some time ago.....but for your entertainment.....
Originally posted on http://downloadpolitics.com/showthre...tics-of-Assiah 06-17-2012

Part 1

Meh...I'm going to have some fun and hopefully explain some things

This thread is not so much to do with 'satanic magic' per se as there is no such thing. I will explain to you some of my experience as a satanist and then you can compare it to the political/social mindset of the 'community' you live in, by that I mean the people that you have knowledge of within your nation even though you donot know most of them personally but affect your circumstances.

e.g. you donot know 99.9% of n1ggers on a personal level but you know that they will affect your circumstances personally because of the increasing taxes you have to pay to keep them in welfare.

But first....When I was a satanist I wasnt what you would call a magician but rather a sorcerer. Yes I could practice magic but I didnt know the 'mechanics' behind it, so anything that I engaged in was a 50-50 thing at best. There is no such thing as satanic magic in itself, all you really have is perversions and corruptions of Abrahamic practices. There is no 'native' satanic magic as satan cannot actually create but can only act when God permits. That is what is meant by 'God permits the secondary causes to act', note 'causes' because it is not just a one man show per se. As you have God and then the various orders and ranks of Angels the same applies with Satan and the demons. 'Satan is God inverted' which means that Satan (this is actually a title - not a name) is the current 'opposition' to God or indeed like in the story of Job 'a devils advocate'

To make a long winded explanation short.....
There are 4 princes but 3 personages- Satan, Lucifer, Leviathan and Belial
You have Satan as in the title
You have Lucifer, who is his own personage and who is the Satan (Ha-Shaitan), just like you have the Queen and you have Elizabeth Windsor - 2 entities yet 1 person.

And after them you have the various orders and ranks as with Angels.

Looking at how 'satanic' magic does work is not really a matter of the
supernatural as I said Satan cannot create or cause things to appear from thin air, nor can he (him and other demons) alter circumstances of their own accord.

However you can alter people, what I call the 'willing victims' or the willingly stupid. Satanic magic goes by moon/tide phases as well as 'pagan' ritual days (pagan 'gods' are just really fallen angels who went freelance) and on those days (especially of the full moon) stupid people really seem to play up somewhat, they are carefree yet daringly angry, the type of stupid that is pliable.
Stupid people will give you their money, kneel on a bed to pull their butt cheeks apart and let you fuck them and they will vote for you.
And they will do it willingly, what makes them do it willingly?
As I have learned - God permits the secondary causes to act, especially on the apostates....for they are stupid.

Yes there are people affected by moon phases, tide phases and even by the weather. Ask a teacher if the dopey kids play up on windy days, as I typed in another thread -we may be of the same substance but not from the same mold. And someone posted in another of my threads that atheists seem to have an interest in astrology and indeed astronomy as well.

I'm just going to add on as I feel like it.
It is said that the devils' greatest trick is to convince people that he doesnt exist, look at the stupid these days they will tell you that all their beliefs are 100% theirs and original. In other words their words and thoughts came from nothing as they say that the universe came from nothing and all life came from nothing.
Give the devil his due, in any event he is a player with a handicap but can still play. After all he has a real bunch of fuckwits as his crew that being in his 'mortal' crew.
I look at the crap that passes as satanism these days and it is nothing but the godless using his name to justify their bad behaviour.
The LaVey/church of satan is actually atheist not theistic, actually most self proclaimed 'satanists' are actually atheist. Maybe the greatest trick is to get people to serve you and simultaneously getting them to believe you dont exist.
As I said - the willingly stupid
And as I said - give the devil his due

If you want to look at theistic satanism maybe you should look at the Yezidi religion, the homegrown stuff of the West is more or less down and out.
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Part 2

People become theistic satanists for differing interpretations, the reasons are more or less related to each other but it is the differing personalities of those who make this choice that provide the concrete reason to do so.
Sound confusing?
I became a satanist twice, the first time when I was 12. I grew up in an area that was little better than a slum, no money and no nothing. It was the pursuit of magic that ultimately drove me as it gave me something that I couldnt buy because I had no money.....HOPE!
The second time was when I was 19 because it was the only thing that I could relate to in issues of faith, the magic was the cherry on top.
The christian church in Australia aint worth shit really, some try to make a difference but most of them are too busy trying to get political advantage or creaming money off the collection plate or else fucking the parishioners. We're heading in the same way as Sweden.

In the rituals we had the 'Black Mass' which didnt have a 1 size fits all application. In rituals we did things such as reading psalms and verses backward, not only from the Bible but also from the Koran. These were more a demonstration of blasphemy and spite, kinda in the way that juju practitioners torture their victims before killing them so they scream so loud that the orishas will come to see what all the fuss is about. If someone panders to your whim in a classy fashion do you not pander them? So if and when the timing is right, the secondary causes can act on your whim. But 1st you have to get their attention hence why magicians/sorcerers put a ritual if not theatrical element into their applications.

Now you may be wondering why theistic satanists hope to gain by being such, well...I saw and somewhat see this world Assiah as a prison. It crowds your style, you can imagine yourself swimming to Jupiter or riding unicorns. Well you are bound by physical laws so you cant swim to Jupiter, if you dismantled Assiah then what physical limitations would bind you? None! As you would be a spiritual entity that wouldnt age, get sick or die and you could 'have it now' As for the unicorn thing? Well if I had a purely spiritual existence I could probably whip one up when I felt like it.

So could you imagine a world like this (especially such a world as Assiah) functioning. Nope? Well then its gotta go!

For this to happen ol' man Jehovah gotta go, time for ah noo crew an' sheeit nomesayin! Or in human language the current order has to step aside for a new order aka the warden should hand over the keys of the prison and leave the building.......for now.

There are 4 worlds, if you can get 1 then you have something to work with. But also remember Satans' title 'Prince of this World'. Every prince wants to be a King but he only gets half the pie (look up Tebhel and Cheled).
Duality people! Duality!
Lets see some fingers!
Good, now you realise you wear the skin that he cant get and you have the other half of the pie along with the rest of 'humanity'
So look at it this way........
Assiah is the prison
God is the warden
Satan runs the aryan brotherhood
And youre the inmates, if the inmates hook up with the AB and take over the prison then they can look to finally breakout. The AB may be stronger than the individual inmates but they need the individual inmates to bring the plan around.
And if there are some inmates who are not 1 or the other? Well who cares if they live or die?
As for the atheists? Well its a case of...'Dis prison bee mine, fuck da warden an' fuck da AB youse all muh biiiches!' Well at least until the Warden or AB decide to deal with them.

The reversal of order is the ultimate aim, that is the order of all existence. Referring to the Tree of Life, for the sephira of Geburah the colour of that sephira is red and its symbol is the 5 point star (upright) and it represents military, masculinity and ORDER. In satanism it is upside down, the goats head thing is just art and shields its real representation.....THE REVERSAL OF ORDER.
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Part 3

Religions have a prophet associated with them at the very least, after all people who subscribe to a sect will want to refer to that prophet when trying to convert someone.
The Jew will refer to Moses
The Christian will refer to Jesus
The muzzie will refer to Mohammed
As for the satanist??????
Well it would be Ha-Shaitan, but as in Satan the actual title or Satan as in Lucifer?
Hmmmmmm.....how to explain????????
As I said there are 4 princes from 3 personages, so if you are asking if I only worshipped Satan then the answer would be no. Compare it to voodoo, all voodoo sorcerers (I dont really call it magic....seems to function quite close to theistic satanism really) have to give 1st worship to Papa Legba because he is the 'guardian' of the gateway to the spirit realm. Once Papa Legba's happy you then go on to the loa you need to act with.
So with me I had to give 1st worship to Satan (as in the self title - not Lucifer personally) and then give worship and indeed meditate with my favourite chosen prince Leviathan. He was more of the 'Abstract' and the 'Deep' but thats not the point.

If you are going to serve Satan you have to do 2 things.....
1. Hide the true nature of your cause
2. Hide his identity

Read this, I didnt go much on the guy
An ideology to rule the herd by the crowd


You dont honestly think we followed it do you!?
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I cant be bothered doing parts anymore.......

When one decides to become a satanist one will usually make an oath and an act of submission. Much like a muslim will make shahida before another muslim and join in a prayer session, in satanism one recites the oath to satan or 'devils oath' and makes an act of submission to the west praying in the same manner as a muslim (on hands and knees). Looking at the various christian sects you tend to find that most of them donot make acts of submission to God.
Christian Scientists will get on their hands and knees during communion
Catholics will kneel during the same and other prayers
And it seems every other fucker just wants to laze back in the pews (which they complain are uncomfortable and the church should get fat padded lounges maaaan! coz weez entitled!), these types of groupings dont think of themselves as a congregation but rather as an audience like in a theatre.

Jhoffa notes the corruption and perversion that I mentioned in relation to magic, and yet most 'christians' donot bother to check things out or they just donot care.
Example- Have you heard this in a version of the Lords' Prayer?
"Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us"
You can only sin against God - not other people.

But you will find that the occasional word is altered or redefined here and there in religious teachings and it changes the entire meaning of that teaching and yet people think it is the same teaching as before just worded differently.
I find that increasingly a lot of church teachings resemble scientology rather than anything that Jesus actually taught.

Oh btw.....It was L.Ron Hubbard and Jack Parsons who attempted to create a moonchild by sticking a magic wand up some cows twat trying to get her pregnant, trying to imitate how Jesus was concieved by a type of magic I suppose. Crowley was pissed off when he found out about it and saw it as a yobbo act, and crowley didnt like hubbard anyway.
Parsons was killed mixing up rocket fuel in his garage because thats what he did as he was something to do with NASA. Parsons mum killed herself the following day as she lost her son and lover.....yeah its bongo I know but I think it like the ancient egyptian mythology thing where it was incest ahoy.....but that sort of theme occurs in sumerian mythos as well....go figure.

Look at the churches that are going for gay marriage etc. It goes specifically against the Abrahamic faiths and yet some churches are pushing for it because they want to be popular and fashionable, you see the same thing where churches say that white countries should take in endless conga lines of mud people and keep them in luxury because theyre 'entitled' to it. So you have marxists and the churches agreeing with each other in the same breath, nothing to do with God but everything to do with political power, popularity and fashion. You find that people will do anything for a dollar and everything to get on TV.

Look at the various clergy who push this, they can preach the word of marx and then say that Jesus was just an alright guy. I came across a nun at a party one day....she was stout, short back and sides haircut...you get the picture...who worked in a homeless shelter. She sang the praises of left wing politicians, as for Jesus???? Not worth a mention.

BTW....Did I tell you I intended to infiltrate the church once?
I was aiming to be a Catholic priest and position myself into the red light district of Sydney - fuck...how much damage would I have caused?
But I couldnt do it, I just couldnt bring myself to praise Jesus or anything like that- but what if I did? And who succeeded where I didnt?
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If I asked you to describe a typical satanist whay would your answer be?
Guy with long hair wearing an Iron Maiden t-shirt listening to Slayer?

Maybe...but look at the so called satanists today, basically a bunch of new age goths who listen to 'guttural' metal/techno goth while quoting from LaVeys 'satanic' bible and role playing some sort of weird emotional pain sex game?
As I said before the LaVey satanists are actually atheist and those whackjob goths who actual seek some sort of spiritual connection with the 'dark side' usually end up practicing some type of chaos magic.
Chaos magic is where you create archetypes in your mind and then proceed to ask them for magical favour. In other words you worship the gods you create or steal from someone else, eg. some of these people use cartoon characters as archetypes or idols of worship. Seeing as those 'gods' are creations from the minds of men this is deemed to be atheist magic.
And as with all atheist endevours it is a case of 'stupid is what stupid does', the failure rate of the 'rituals' is basically 100%. Occasionally a spiritual interloper might step in for something to do when their 'hour' is available, look at it like this......little kids like to play wizards and witches and make magic potions out of mud and food scraps etc. They then try to make magic with the things they have made with made up rituals and spells, an adult observing this may decide to leave money or candy nearby without the kids knowing but knowing they will soon find it. The kids find the 'treasure', they dont see the adult and assume their magic worked....kinda like the tooth fairy.

But when there is no interloper the fact of failure hits these people in the face. So what do you do when you fail in a ritual? You ask God or some entity in the spirit world and try to get an idea of what went wrong, but with chaos magic who would you ask? The archetypes of ideas that you created? You ask yourself a question about circumstances that you brought forth and yet you cannot find or give an answer? Behaviour like this is the sort of stuff that in the past would have had you committed to a mental asylum and these days would get you on some sort of medication.
If you dont like the fact that you failed and dont want to admit it then what would be the alternative?
.....Dialectic....Hegelian or marxist, either will do. Make the definitions to define the results, after all this 'magic' is 100% your 'creation' and as it is yours then you can make up the rules too.

Lets make up a conversation....you have Normal Guy (NG) and Chaos Magic Nut (CMN)
NG: Hey how did that magic ritual go?
CMN: It went well
NG: So did the million bucks turn up at the end of your bed?
CMN: It doesnt work like that
NG: So it didnt work?
CMN: It worked because it was my doing
NG: So wheres the money?
CMN: Its not always about money
NG: So you got nothing? No million bucks?
CMN: Well the experience itself was worth a million bucks and probably more...(add pointless shit and existentialist musing here)

But look at politicians, civil servants, spin doctors and chaos magicians - the redefining of words and terms that are in common use to come across to everyone else to portray 'success' on their behalf is the same.
Are you thinking what does politicians/govt. to do with all this?
Well, have you heard of psychistory (a term, probably other as well)? This is where you try to discover patterns in time periods at which great historical moments occurred. So you are trying to antcipate the next great event, satanists have always moved to pre-empt prophecy. Look at niggerpotus and when he first was elected, a collection of niggers and cracka marxists as well as mandingo bitches and other degenerates were portraying him as 'Jesus Returned' and yet the same people claimed George Bush to be the antichrist.
For what purpose??????

Although this is way after my involvement in satanism I can put myself in that place and look that situation, indeed even better because I have learnt so much since I went to Jehovah.
So what would I have made of such loud mouth apes?
The answer for the umpteenth time.....They are willingly stupid!!!!!
They may have served my cause but unless they worship Satan then they are not in with the Crowd. They are expendable, they are without God, without Satan, without hope and without brains....the willingly stupid.

A lesson I learned as a Satanist.....there is a practice of infusing or energising objects such as idols via meditation or similar, think of it as recharging batteries. These idols were then placed on the altar or left in the worship area to 'boost' the atmosphere when performing a ritual. It wasnt meant to be as an 'instant result giver', it was like to push the chance of success by 1%. So you had various things like this to add a percent here and there and these percents do add up.
Anyway you had some people (usually nigger/wigger types) who infused idols and used them to get magical results. When these 'idols' didnt perform the sorcerers would do things to 'torture' them such as putting nails in them etc. These 'tortures' would damage the idol to the extent that the idol would be on the verge of being ruined so the torture would have to stop. Then the sorcerer would have to please and worship the idol in order to get magical favour, even make sacrifices to the idol. So you have the sorcerer who 'brings forth life' to an idol, abuses it and ends up worshipping it.
The sorcerer didnt give the idol any intellect or animation, all that probably happen is that a bunch of spirits saw what this clown was doing and decided to have him on. Like supposed psychics who get the desperate and gullible to hand over all sorts of things.
No the clown who worshiped the idol wasnt me, this was something I was told early on so I wouldnt make this mistake. People still have good luck charms and lucky buddhas, they will rely on those but dont think God could ever help them......
Dont make that mistake!
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