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Unhappy RIP Marcel Vervloesem. 7th Oct. 1952 - 22nd Jan. 2018.

Marcel Vervloesem, who had been suffering from cancer for years, sadly passed away aged 65 towards the end of last month. He had spent the last 25 years of his life, predominantly via the 'Morkhoven Working Group', fighting high level, organised paedophilia from his home country of Belgium.


He had also been imprisoned under trumped up charges during his later years, as a direct consequence, and he was effectively murdered. It doesn't surprise me at all that the first search result that comes up, after googling 'Marcel Vervloesem', is a bit of an MSM hit piece on Marcel suggestively titled 'NO KIND OF HERO' (1998) in capital letters. Ha ha ha. Rob Hulse, the author of the said article, wasn't fit to lick Marcel's boots.


Sure, Marcel may have had some rocky early years, but I have no doubt everything bad written about him in that article was extremely biased and exaggerated. After Marcel realised what he had uncovered, he then worked tirelessly to expose all of those involved. He knew he was living in great danger as well. Marcel can be seen speaking about the execution of Gina Pardaens in this shocking 'Dutroux And The Dead Witnesses' (2001) video from 18.18-18.45:


'During this time Gina is threatened with death on a regular basis. She is under surveillance and she is being followed. We also found strange problems with her phone. On a train she was approached by a man, who said that she should stop her work. Otherwise, she would not live for long.' (She lasted just a few days more from what I know.)

In the same video, father of the raped and murdered 8 year old girl Julie, Jean-Denis Lejeune, stated the following classic lines:

'And by coincidence people die in unexplainable ways. They, for example, have a car accident when they want to speak out as witnesses. Or they are found at home, burnt. This does not seem to worry our justice system.' (If the subject matter wasn't so very serious, then I think I would probably burst out laughing hearing about such insanity.)

The 'courageous' journalist Hulse would have quickly hotfooted it away from anything like that in a jiffy I reckon. Going back to Hulse's article he staggeringly claimed the following:

'Although a parliamentary commission found no evidence to support the latter claim, there is still a general belief amongst the public that there is something rotten in the state of Belgium.' (No shit Sherlock.)

This is incredible to say the least. One only has to look at the following 'Correspondent' (2002) video to rubbish Hulse's claims. Belgian M.P. and parliamentary commission member, Vincent Decroly, said the following from 18.24-18.44:


'We succeeded in demonstrating that Nihoul was really an artist in protection. Really a specialised man in manipulating inquiries, policemen and judges. We have proof about that.'

Furthermore, in the same video, father of another raped and murdered 8 year old girl Melissa, Gino Russo, said the following from 17.06-17.28:

'The commission was completely sabotaged to the point that all the work they did has been locked away in archives for 30 years. It was parliament that voted that on itself. Can you imagine?' (I certainly can do unfortunately.)

Yes, sure thing Hulse. The commission found nothing and there was nothing to hide, but they slapped a 30 year secrecy order on to all their own work regardless. Yes, Hulse might not have had access to what some M.P.'s were saying, who were likely being blanked by the Belgian MSM, but he must have known about the fricking secrecy order. Moreover, why does Hulse not address why none of this was ever covered by the MSM on U.K. TV news at the time? I mean they seem to cover protests by a few thousand in Iceland quite well, but 300,000 marching in the capital of the E.U., over something far more serious than a bit of corruption as well, seems to have been beyond them all.


At the end of the day, what a fricking cesspit of evil is all I can say. I spoke to Marcel once myself and also exchanged some messages with him, but unfortunately his English wasn't too great. I only ever got good vibes off of him though. I don't think I will ever achieve anything compared to what you did, don't even know if I am brave enough, and RIP Marcel. He was known as 'Superman' to many of his acquaintances. Therefore, 'no kind of hero', ironically enough, ended up being quite an apt moniker for Marcel. He was a 'Superhero'.

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