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Post Roman Empire rules today, Jesuits and Black Pope

Roman Empire rules today, Jesuits and Black Pope presentation by Dave Cleveland


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You have a bunch of guys with md, phd, biological, bio mechanical engineering and pharmacutical degrees that have no money and boatloads of bad college debt.

These guys are suposed to sit in the back of a walmart pharmacy, pick their nose all day and wait until some one gets hit by a car or gets run over by a tractor and needs a doctor, anesthetics, and a prosthethic limb.
Then they are supposed to do their job, sew the guy up and send him on his way limping along. And go back to picking their noses behind the pharmacy.

Problem is some of these guys are no good, they are evil, incompetant and greedy.

So they run around telling lies, and try to make people sick, so they can get more money in business.

This has been going on since circa 30 AD. It has been going on over 1,985 years.

Everybody knows it, everybody has known it, for almost 2000 years. People who want drugs, people who are too lazy slothful or gluttonous to eat right. People who are ignorant and refuse to read study and do their own homework go to these guys, buy their lies, take their drugs and die. 250,000 people a year in usa die from bad rx. They want to die, that is why they eat chalk aka rx pills that clog ther kidneys, liver, etc, and let incompetants iv drip lighter fluid into their veins.

incompetant greedy guys in allied health kill each other every day, they kill each others families, kill their own families, and kill anyone else they can kill...to make a buck.

they have always done that. it's the nature of the beast.

they try to lie to people, they try to poison people and call it a plague. It is their biz. they try to lie, try to misdiagnose and try to make people sick to get money. they have always done that. in england and europe they burned organic herbalists and midwives at the stake calling them witches and warlocks. devils have always been around, they are called murderers, liars and robbers, killers.

Stay away from them.

their favorite fake god is asclepius, a fallen watcher, they are false idol worshippers, so what.

in china they eat boiled baby soup, and eat baby fetus to get erections. women rub fetus creme on their faces to try to look younger. some people are sick

So just stay away from them and tell them to go away, get lost, if they try to bother you.

Let them kill each other.

Crazy necrophillic (death loving) people take drugs and drink poison every day, alcoholics, drug addicts, etc etc. Your not going to stop them, they are necrophillic suicide cases that want to die, they want to exit, they want to take the morphine highway out.

Just have zero contact, no contact with them.

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