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Default Healthy foods

Just would like to know what most of you would consider a great healthy food to eat. For example beans, humous broccoli, sweet potato, green lentils and so on
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Its been proven that eating brocoli reverses signs of aging - but you've to eet lots of it
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Dr Fuhrman, author of a bestselling book called Eat To Live, devised a nutrient density chart for common foods.

PDF of the chart:

Article about it:

But you can Google things like "nutrient dense foods" and find many different lists. A varied diet is optimal to ensure the consumption of a wide range of nutrients, of which some are stored longer than others. You would then need to do your own research as to what is and isn't more important to consume and how often. You can find many differing food pyramids. It doesn't seem that simple to deduce the most healthy diet and there are other variables and factors to consider too. Such as location, seasonality, cooked vs raw, plant vs meat, etc. Corporate interest, tradition, ego, etc., can all skew the available information too.

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