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Default Opposames - characteristics and telltale signs

I'm interested in drawing out the characteristics of common opposames, to understand exactly in what ways so many phenomena and divisions in society are opposames and to help others do the same.
By all means please suggest any additions!


In general:

The two are presented as a collectively exhaustive dichotomy
Both have given their power and sovereignty away to a collective
Both vigorously dogmatically defend their worldview
Both believe in an "us vs them" paradigm
Both long to convert other people to their point of view, as a desparate attempt to fill the void left behind by the Self that they have given away to the collective
Both believe that they are the only two camps, and label as "bad" or "mad" anyone who has a differing view that does not fit into their black vs white paradigm
Both share the mindset of fighting each other [true opposites never fight, because at least one will not feel driven to fight]
Each implicitly depends on the other for its identity, its raison d'etre, and its excuse to fight and campaign
Both are outward-focussed, dependent on the outside world for validation, and cultivate the cutting off of people's inner resources, spirit and higher selves
Both involve beliefs that are indoctrinated and not arrived at freely

The political Left vs Right:

Both believe that the government is a regulatory force that redistributes wealth away from the wealthy to the poor.
Both believe that the government restricts rather than aiding corporations.
Both consider the left-right political spectrum to be an accurate representation of the most important issues.
Both fail to touch on the issue of people giving their personal power away to collective bodies such as corporations and governments, but persist on debating phony issues that are just symptoms of this.
Both deny that people are their own best teachers and judges, believing instead that the "experts" and "specialists" - scientists, doctors, lawyers etc - have all the answers, and ordinary people should not question them
One "side" often presents a bandaid "solution" that masks the problems of the other without solving them, and furthermore creates more problems in its wake. Often as part of "problem reaction solution".
Both believe that the oppression of humans, animals and nature is our natural state, and thus call it "conservative"
Both fail to question corporate personhood
Both fail to question the raison d'etre of industries and corporations, as if this was somehow a taboo question
Both want to control and "govern" everyone
Both cultivate martyrs and parasites

Religion vs Materialism/Atheism/Scientism:

Both have a negative view of human nature, seeing us either as sinners or as spiritless animals
Both view people, animals, and the natural world as lacking in spirituality and divinity, seeing this as either the domain of "God" alone or nonexistant
Both consider humans to be egos in bags of skin, and deny our connection to and our incarnation of the whole cosmos or universal consciousness
Both see the world not as organic but as mechanistic (created either by "God" or by blind energy and matter)
Both believe in a collectivist pseudo-truth
Both try to condemn, ridicule or belittle any person's individual spiritual or mystical experiences that don't accord with their worldview
Both have a negative view of what happens after death, either divine judgement or nothingness

Multiculturalism/cultural relitivism vs cultural absolutism:

Both believe in the importance of "culture", an entity made up of a conglomeration of collectivised features
Both deny that humans can function without having a "culture" imposed on them by the collective (rather than individually formed)

Socialised vs free-market medicine:

Both fail to question the basis for the unnecessarily high costs of medicine
Both believe in the materialistic "scientific" allopathic medicine paradigm
Both defend big pharma, vaccinations, chemotherapy, drugs, fluoridation etc.
Both play along with the agenda of the pharmaceutical and insurance companies and druglords

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