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Default iran holding brits

This is it the catalyst for a strike against iran using the women officer a baite and a pawn, just look at the news feeding you with just her plight and not the other men. in so maniuplating us to thinking iran is wrong here is the problem the reaction is blair stepping up ther plight to get them back , how can he say iran is not treating them wright as in neigbouring iraq his soilders has bludgened thousand of iraqs what a misguided person he is, and the solution is go to the un who have already put meny sanctions on iran last week now they will come up with they have broken them and then in thay go with american troops
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Anything that demonizes Iran is a good thing as far as Blair and Bush go. This is why it wouldn't surprise me if this whole affair was staged. Would those two lose any sleep over these 15 being imprisoned? How many other soldiers have they sacrifced over the centuries for their agenda?

They call them heroes, lay wreaths at memorials and glorify them in the the public eye, but sacrifce them without a second thought for their agenda.
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Yeah , I believe it's all staged too. These hostages are just pawns in their sick games, it's to soften the blow of America attacking Iran Either Iran knew of Americas intentions and captured them or the hostages are in on it somehow. Just seems strange that the us has 100 warplanes in the area at the time. And they think were f*cking gullible or sommat
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Has anyone considered the possibility that Iran might be goading the Americans to attack? Just a thought as they are playing a dangerous game.
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Default I think...

the Illuminati is playing both sides. Can't get the image of Ahmed with the horns of the devil, like Bush, out of my mind.
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Default check

please check dollar bill,cbs logo and iran flag ....
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It is like watching a staged scripted film on the news! bloody lol funny! crab some popcorn and sit back and watch 24 hour news!
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