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Default cymatics and symbolism



"a shape is a sound and a sound is a shape"

first shape made is a cross this means its the slowest shape that can be made with sound. Second slowest the x
combine these together you got the union jack. Now im guessing waving around the two slowest vibrations you can depicted isn't the best way to inspired the nation.

next shape is like a square with rounded edges and a circle in the middle this shape is the future its all about this shape forget about x marks the spot rounded edge square with a circle in the middle marks the spot

ok so how it works. These shapes make sounds you look at them then you make sounds which is great. problem is if you look at these shapes to other sounds doesn't matter how fast a frequency you reach you still looking at a slow sound
that's how the game is played in the lizard world they get you to put all your focus into a shape that is the slowest you end up easy prey

after further research it seams that star shapes are also produced from sound the number of sides increasing with the frequency

a 5 sided star has been associated with Satan worship for a long time most black magic uses a 5 sided star this again is to do with the frequency of sound the star makes (slow)
so if you shred guitar to a 5 sided star it doesn't matter how fast you play you looking at a very slow sound wave this is why there is such a common theme of suicides in death metal bands they play with the star then after there done when they should be in another dimension there taken over and killed
FACT: lizards hate death-metal

quick note: i have never seen a 7 sided star used in advertisements

another thing is the heart symbol is a fake it channels energy in the wrong direction (whatever the hearts pointing at gets fucked up) if your reading this look into your heart charkra and ask yourself does the symbol we have been given to communicate this energy center work
heart symbols are used to pin down energy see when you look at a symbol your energy flows through and follows the lines. In the right hands this can be used to gain great levels of energy and communicate other wise noncommunicable information like this http://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=i&rct...84461203010812
in the wrong hands it can be very destructively used
we could have chosen any symbol we or whoever chose this gay one

final note if you want protection from these things i suggest using a hexagram circle hexagon cant go wrong its a sure win

next is the checkerboard we have designed these lizards to improve our-self if your tripping on sh-rooms you wanna stay away from checkerboards matrix is a classic for showing this. A cat on the checkerboard as they change the matrix

in most towns or citys there will be a place that is black and white striped or has a checkerboard on it avoid eye contact

also there will be a red and white place every city has one

red and white
psychedelic barber shop preferably with a checkerboard floor
spent sometime on this thread simply put every time you go past a red and white road barrier, The barber shop sign, Train barriers, that place in your town thats randomly red and white for no reason, if your watching some bitch paint roses red and white. Your being subconsciously raped in the arse. Our minds create the fabric of reality and every time we go to make something, some sort of work will need doing and there are red and white barriers all over it. please wake up to the reality that these things are used to parasitically rape food of us and keep are view of the world very dull you could eat a whole meal you go for a short trip get stuck in traffic suddenly your hungry again phat scam all food prices are all ways in red and white its a scam on the desertion of food and the regeneration of life.

also don't make the satan sign with your hand seems the alien we where cross breed with (possibly what ever was on the planet before lizards came) has a sixth finger that is more like a tassel that emits sound if we had this sixth finger we could play music then do what would appear to us now as magic. the devil sign is a symbol of the loss of this power lizards force people to make this sign every time large amounts of sound energy is around to control the energy levels. instead of this rock on gesture i suggest stretching the fingers as wide as possible to sound. Who knows you may find you can chop down mountains with the edge of your hand.

peace... remember don't imagine any of the things ive just talked about now you know the task is avoiding them.
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