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Default Positivity

Leave the realm of a land where the money loves to flow
from the minds of the masked where transaction sucks the souls
Phonetic tones imprint the patterns we think we need
Yet the mind is the gift, abundance dries the greed
Reconnect dialect, respect the way of the will
You're as dead as alive when convinced to kill
Be calm in the sweep as advertisements fall
Fear not the memory of a world free from walls
Showing the source that is all, Fear not: the freedoms met
Free from the shame of choice, free from mental rent

Visit the doorway of a mantle through two alien eyes
Envision the collapse of death so that life may rise
The mantis stays calm yet prepared to manifest
Through realms known by few yet unseen to the rest
Our bodies and possessions can be tools to truly teach us
Define the highest vision as the source we are greets us

Goddess re-emerges from the roots that rise through cities
from the land of the Sahara to proclaim birth as our victory
Greet the once unseen as visitations reflect
The reception for foolishness, fun, choice and intellect

Repeat after you:
I am infinity - pouring out from galaxies
I am the source of positivity,
experience and clarity
I am the shadow of dark planets, the rays of the sun
The fire of the light, creator of fun

(A worthwhile mantra)

Circulate, reconstruct, essence of the code
Mystery of simplicity, fragment forever old
Graduate from the parasites of misery
You are the birth of blood, participant of society

Power, respect

To express is to make known, to state, articulate,
communicate, convey the doorways that relate
To experience of blood through a vein with perception as the frame

There is no death
There is no death
It is not insane that is insane it is the norm that bleeds abnormalities. These cancers of standards, these hazards of repetition, This universal decision, this repetition, repetition, repetition, repetition...
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