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Originally Posted by cybersurf View Post
Our fucking Elites use remote viewers to enslave us. Brittain used a chinesse remote viewer as far back as the 19th century. It is said Elites remote viewed 9/11 and manipulated that.

You're not beyond the odd spurious prediction yourself. Never seem to come to pass though, I'm waiting for the Olympics to pass without incident...

I can why the 'elite' might want us to think they have a crack squadron of psychic soldiers sticking their astral noses into everything, it would make us EVEN more paranoid.

But actually being able to do it? Nah.

We'd all be able to do it, barring some kind of 'scanners' style situation.
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Originally Posted by isabeau View Post
Thanks. Yes I can RV. Anyone can.
It amazed me when I first saw google Earth as RV is a lot like that - you can pick a place on a map and zoom in.

I use it for meditation purposes - I go places where its sunny and fly around over trees and sit on the grass with other RV's.
Usually strangers like me or sometimes Buddhist monks - we always find it amusing when we see another doing the same thing - I think its meant to be fun.

I don't use it to view future or past events anymore since I find it is hard to control and has brought me painful experiences.

If I am shown the future in a recurring dream and I am shown a newspaper or place and then remember it and can stop it from happening or prevent people I know from being injured then yes I will always take note and do so. It is de-ja-vu but also seeing the future - it has saved me and others from minor injuries and once a voice said 'this is not meant to happen' about a huge disaster that never happened - I did prevent the people I saw in the vision from going to the place I recognised abroad - nothing happened - maybe because the future was altered in some way - they never laughed though - they weren't going to take a chance and thanked me anyway.

I have dabbled in RV trying to find out what happened to missing people by travelling into the past at the place and time they were seen last - it went wrong as I became the victim twice and was strangled to death on both occassions - I could not gain any useful information as I was too traumatised upon waking up - however both victims did turn out to have been strangled and things I saw did match and the killers were found. I promised myself not to try that again - it is hard though when you want to try to help.
I leave that to the professional RV's - I do believe some people can control it well enough to do this and help police.

So unless I am shown the future - I prefer to meditate - sometimes flying in on a group of strangers doing the same thing - its fun.
It's also funny watching beginners trying to fly after landing - they often need a bit of help.

Beginners will always try to visit people they know, famous people etc... at first. I also think this isn't good. I visited a famous person (C lister) and told him to visit me on a certain date - he was there at that date - signing autographs in town - he looked scared - as if he was waiting for someone - I didn't go near him but learned my lesson - trying to mind control people or visiting them without permission is a bad thing.
It felt like I was working with the devil.

So as a meditation tool for flying places out of body it's great - for anything else I suggest waiting until an Angel takes you somewhere....

Unless its your calling - in which case working to find missing children is better for your soul than working for the CIA obviously.

This guy in the video has worked with some bad people so I don't trust his intentions.
So, remote viewing the disappeared people caused you to reexperience their death. I know this happens in this cases. Truman Cash has an easy method to help release the trauma in those incidents. You need another person guiding you in the reexperience of the incident.

I herd that we all remote view or rather, go out of our bodies when we sleep, but must of us, me included, forget it all when we awake.

In your account of the "meeting famous people" it looks like you went to see "astrally" the guy and "convinced" him without his knowing to go meet you in a certain place. Mind Control and there is also remote commanding. Can you do that? But shure, unlike you are very ethical, it would be like wroking for Satan. I know that spirits can do remote commanding.

By the way, and I don't know a better way to ask. Do you remote view or go out of your body by meditation alone, or do you use some aid, like for example a Sta. Sabina fungi?
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