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Default Spring Clean your Resonance

Spring Clean your Resonance

Spring Clean your Resonance
by Stuart Wilde

Here are some things that you might find helpful, as Spring approaches. They may not be new to you but try to do them over the next week or so, as a kind of ‘Spring Clean’ of your energy. I am certain you will feel energized, inspired and more balanced. Perhaps we can spread the light a little, by starting with ourselves and moving outwards.

1. Call an old friend that you haven’t seen for a long time and see how they are. You don’t need to speak for long, but your words and voice have a resonance that if used wisely, can heal.

2. Find a body of water, a stream, a pond, a lake and sit by the water. Wash your crown chakra in the water. Remember water takes the lowest spot in the teachings of the Tao and it has a strong connection to Sulis Minerva who is one of the Beings that is with us.

3. Take a stroll in the forest. Touch the bark of the trees, feel the moss, lean up against a tree and close your eyes, listen to the birds singing and the sounds and breath of the forest. She calms us.

4. Spend time with children and give them your full attention. Their sweetness, love of small things and laughter can lighten your spirits and teach you (And when they are a bit naughty, it helps you to look at patience, love and lack of ego!)

5. Love your pets, really love them, cuddle them, look at them, care for them, take them for a walk if they need it. They have unconditional love to give. They are part of Gaia and their Aluna selves often help us in ways we don’t always understand.

6. Do something physical, dance, walk, cycle, do kung fu or tai chi perhaps. Use your body, it needs to move. You can simply touch your toes, swing your arms round like a windmill and do some stretches, but make a start.

7. Laugh and sing (your singing might make others laugh, but do it anyway!)

8. Spend time with friends and family. Go for a meal, enjoy their company, the food and the wine.

9. Be creative. Learn to knit, make soap, learn French or Spanish on skype, buy some cheap water colours and paint a picture, it’s very therapeutic.

10. Be Kind. Smile at the young man at the cash register, say hello to the lady walking her baby, wave back at the children who wave to you from their car. Help when you can.

11. Remember to meditate daily, it links you to the light even if you can’t see it, and teach your kids to meditate, it will help them in life.

12. Try to pay back in part or in full, a debt that you might have owed for a long time.

13. Fast for three days and drink plenty of clean water.

14. Give up meat or eat less of it, it’s deadly for your health and karma.

Stuart Wilde www.stuartwilde.com
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