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Originally Posted by christ4life View Post
That is because of lack of faith you can go ahead, and do what you are doing but they will keep coming back. These beings even in a lower state still have the abilities God gave them they just use it for evil. They know your weak points, and will use it against you.
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I was interested up to "I saw a unicorn..."

Did I miss a new age memo? Are we suupposed to believe that unicorns have a reality basis??? Someone help me on this one.

And the living the twilight movie....I dunno man, I dunno. Seems like you are bored and created a fantasy world for yourself, one where you feel important.

No doubt you have had strange phenomena occur because most do, most don't remember or ponder them, but people like icke readers do, but these things can be taken to ridiculous extremes that are fueled by imaginations and desires of grandeur.

Anyway, here's to dealing with you. Cheers.
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Got to be honest with you, this all sounds like a mix between bad twilight fanfic and bipolar disorder. I'm going to be brutal here because I don't get a feeling of truth from you but I do recognise something about you, I think you're either attention seeking or looking for confomation of your own delusions.

Who is this mysterious 'they'? Seems there are two 'theys' for you, the 'they' that tell you things and the 'they' that want to kill you (the examples of which are actually perfectly ordinary acoincides). IF your family don't believe you then where did this 'mentor' come from?

Angels aren't dead people, that's ghosts. Angels are a spiritual entity separate from humans, anyone that thinks different has been watching too much tv/hollywood movies and not reading enough of the actual sources for angels IE the bible or the torah or the koran etc. If this thing really exists and told you that it used to be a person then it is LYING. Get rid of it as quickly as possible.

Sp let me get this straight, you think you're an Indigo (take a number, join the cue, there are a lot of poeple that fit the profile, me included, born in the 80s check, clever, check, creative, check, sensitive, check, messages in dreams, check, trouble fitting in, check!), a healer, going to save the world, you have a guardian angel/ghost who is 'beautiful' and just happens to be a dead actor (anyone we'd know?) and has been taken away by unfair circumstances and is now on 'trial' but it's really all about you, being persued by terrible dark forces, might be one of seven daughters of an ancient Greek deity or the largest moon of Saturn (you never clarified which Titan you were talking about) but are also a starseed AND a pleadian, gosh, that's a lot of special to pack into one person isn't it? Oh wait, then there's all your friends that are super magical girls too but they have boyfriends (not lovers, good grief) and that makes you get in a huff. I'm tempted to say stop reading twilight, wathing anime, Buffy and Supernatural and reading conspiracy theories. Get a hobby that takes you out of yourself and the house and will mix you with 'normal' people, you'll feel a lot better and more connected to the world. Join a theatre group, have some fun, you're only young once.

Biggest clue this isn't genuine? The way you just throw in a whole bunch of supernatural things together, like a pervious poser pointed out. Oh and I'd be careful talking smack about witches on this forum. Listing them alongside vampires and demons will not endear you to the witchy or rather new age or pagan community that post on here. I'm kind of surprised you didn't way you were an amzingly powerful Wiccan actually, it usually goes hand in hand with this kind of thing.

You and your friends might be different, might have strange experiences but you aren't speshul magic snowflakes with a grand destiny beyond everyone else, look around the forum, there are plenty of people with similar experiences to you, just join in and be yourself. You are special because you are you, that's enough, you don't need to be a magical alien princess with an angel boyfriend, celebrate the real you and you'll be a lot happier.

I think you're a lot younger than 18, I think your maybe 15/16 and that's a difficult time for anyone, I may be wrong it's just the impression I get. You are creative and clearly need attention on some level (we all do, you're just not getting in it a positive place IRL), kudos for some very creative writing, you might want to work on not throwing everything into one character though, it turns them into a Mary Sue and very few people like those.

I can't help thinking you've let your imagination run away with you. I'm saying all this because I'm an older you, minus all the delusions of granduer. Maybe we are both 'Indigos' whatever that means but that doesn't define us, you don't need to be Sailor Moon, just be you. Whatever your purpose is, it will find you, that's true for everyone. Best advise I can give you? Bin off anyone that feeds into this you are the chosen one thing, they are not good for you, they are feeding something very negative that might actually be the result of a medical condition IE bipolar or a spiritual deception and that doesn't make them your friends, the exact opposite in fact. BTW I know someone with bipolar and some of the things you said are perfectly interchangable with what he does.

Plus this kind of thing can go horribly wrong, watch Heavenly Creatures by Peter Jackson. If ever I had the potential to go off on one like you(which honestly I think I may have), that film cured me off it well before it happened, I saw it when I was about 15 I think.

And remember YOU ARE SPECIAL AND WORTHWHILE without all this.
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seriously op, thats some serious bragging...goth wiccan girls usually act like this.
Healing powers and demons are real.....but wow thats some too far stuff.
People who have such powers dont usually go all bragging about it.
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old thread is old
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