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Default the usa is a corporation

4.50 mins into it.

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The constitution is basically the answer key to most of our questions.

The USA is a Republic nation with a private, corporate government.

So you have the private side, the government, while you also have the Republic side, the public. Both hold authority but currently, the public's authority is being oppressed by ignorant law enforcement servants and tyrants we elect into public office. These people are in truth, devious criminals that never got caught so they went into a branch of law or government.
I have seen and read a lot about the corporation, it is not the definitive authority though it can not be denied that it is currently in total control. They have forced the people onto the private side and that is why we are in a role of subtle slavery.

People like Rod Class try to teach you how to use the private side to your advantage and they offer a lot of good information but I personally do not condone feeding the trolls. Unfortunately we have little choice in the matter. As of right now, we are forced to live in a hybrid of democratic socialism. When the public side functions as intended and the public servants serve as the contract requires, we are always able to take authority over anyone in government as long as we are not breaking common law.

I am hopeful to see this reality in my lifetime but I will not hold my breath.

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the uk is a corporation so is the usa!!!our world is controlled by fukn gangsters the global elite as they are called!! hey there coming for your pensions and unemployment money
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