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my hero
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Default Inside the cocoon.


Here's an excerpt from http://www.ButterfliesFree.com

'Furthermore, ANY PROCESS (my highlight) you come up with inside the cocoon is going to have to
include certain specific elements, like…
…acknowledging there is no objective, independent reality “out there” and the
experience you’re processing isn’t real
…locating and letting go of all judgments, beliefs, opinions, and fears
…withdrawing, disconnecting, or switching off any power assigned to a person,
place, or thing within the hologram
…expressing appreciation to the people, places, and things in your hologram for
their role in your process, and to your Infinite I for its creations.'




Here's an excerpt from Don Bradley's site, http://www.uwantson.com/articles.html

'Who am I?

All I see is part of me

Try this quite revealing experiment—it may well be a turning point in your life: Choose a moment when you can be alone and when you are feeling refreshed and without worry. Go to the bathroom and place yourself in front of a mirror and slowly look your self over. Do so without judging or critiquing what you see. Simply gaze over your form. Most people know very well every dent, ding, and smudge on their body—its flaws and perfections, what have you. If you see a ring you are wearing and it brings thoughts to your mind, ignore them; they are distractions. Ignore the distractions that take you away from simply seeing your form, your body, the temple in which your soul lives.

Now, look beyond the form. Say aloud, “who am I?” At this point, notice the thoughts and feelings that come to mind. Again, without judgment, let them come and go, without giving them attention; refrain from giving them energy. By this I mean, do not use some thought about an argument you had with someone and how right you think you are and screw them, by golly! That’s giving thought energy. You are defending yourself, usually, this is your ego speaking. Ignore it. Take your egos’ power away from it. Just notice the thoughts and feelings that come to mind. Dismiss them one at a time. Every time a feeling or thought comes into mind say aloud, “this is not me, just thoughts and feelings pretending to be me.” Make sure you make that declaration audible. When you reach a point where you can do this small exercise without falling into reactive thinking, only then can your true identity come into focus. The first seeds of understanding yourself.

It will help and certainly ensure rapid progress if you also say aloud with complete humility and sincerity, “Oh Highest Love That Is, show me who I am.”

It may happen in a flash, or it may take a few weeks, but if you are persistent, like learning to play the guitar or riding a bike, it will eventually happen one day that you begin to see the real you emerging from the shadows of your ego, self-defense mechanisms,physical urges, and insane behaviors. The person behind the makeup, fancy clothes, and programmed thinking will start to show its face.'

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Love the idea we all have the potential to leave the cocoon and become butterflies. We just have to stop being caterpillars and realize our true potential.

"The you that goes in one side of the meditation experience is not the same you that comes out the other side."

~ Bhante Henepola Gunaratana

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the gourd
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when taking the cocoon into account you need to appreciate a few things.

1) the cocoon is a microcosmic blueprint of the entire universe.
2) all people have "a cocoon"..of their own.. but within the larger universal picture the cocoons of members of a species are allied to make a simple bandwidth shedding light apon the awarness of that species. the total cocoon vision is lost within energetic attatchment between member species. as a sort of CORPOREAL ORGANIC JIGSAW " within a larger universal cocoon/s)
3) to be totally within the cocoon is to be so SUBJECTIVE that nothing can exist outside it..it is possible to be OBJECTIVE to your cocoon provided you do it through ratio with the universal MACROCOSM... i.e. you extend to the further reaches of the universal cocoon and appeciate your own further reaches as being subjective to the void.
4) the subjective and the objective are two vanatge points on the universe.
subjective is like being hit by lightening.. objective is like throwing lightening to ground.
5) binding these two together is the CORPOREAL which is essentially a tessalating organic jigsaw binding a genus or species to others of the same order!
6) shifting your worldview requires you practice an intelligent relationship with objectivity and subjectivity as a sovereign being.. but also demands that within the corporeal matrix that you do not break the cardinal rules of TESSELATION... this is difficult to do as life is full of winners and losers.. but the trick with the corporeal is that it is so FUNDAMENTAL that all people are equal and to differentiate is a crime against awarness on that level.

SHAPESHIFTING requires RIDDLES of awarness be completed which do not contraven the corporeal MEDIAN.. but which do allow an element of change! TRICKY

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my hero
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The series on quantum reality is a good watch. http://www.holographicuniverseworkshops.com

An odd occurence happened to me. like he said it would.
'A signal from the universe.'
An ATM ate my card, then it appeared in my wallet again.
No shit.

Check out some of the stories in video 4. I like the bit where
his pal's 100 Euro notes change into 500 Euro notes.
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my hero
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Or it might have been video 5. It's been a while since I clocked it.
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