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Smile thoughts on being positive

That is how we transform a negative matrix of fear into a positive one of love and peace - we BE positive. We heal any negativity we come across - whether it be external to us or inside of ourselves - with thoughts and feelings of love, compassion, and peace.

If we are committed to a transformation, the only reason to pay any attention to any negativity around us should be to heal it. What is the point of reading and watching the news, whether it be on CNN or David's headlines, if it only fuels negativity already inside of us? Wouldn't it be more productive to withdraw from that negative news, and heal yourself until there are no negative feelings inside to be fueled? Then, when faced with the negativity in the world around us, we are prepared to transform it, rather than add to it. Negativity in response to negativity only makes more negativity! Calling somebody stupid because he is not aware as we are does nothing to help him awaken, it only hinders him, and adds that much more negativity to the world as well as our own being. If instead, we send out love and compassion to him, it will be that much easier for him to wake up, there will be that much more positivity in the world, and we will have that much more practice emanating the feelings we truely want to feel.

Rather than visualizing what it would be like for the government to declare martial law and send the military to our doors.. rather than seeing tidal waves and cities sinking - would it not be more productive to visualize what this world would be like if it were peaceful? What do we have to gain in giving the negative energy? Do we feel like we'll be more prepared for something bad to happen? Aren't we adding creative energy to something bad happening by visualizing it? Why not spend that time visualizing everything going right, everything being loving and peaceful?

I think the place that could use our love the most is the heart of the matrix itself - the mass of the energy humans put into this world. If we imagine light and love pouring into that sea of energy, and imagine the matrix transforming from one of fear into one of love because of it.. that love should then trickle down over the entire world, giving healing energy to everyone and everything which is part of it..
It would probably be very powerful as a group meditation..
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I enjoyed your thoughts n positivism. I bet you Emoto's water crystals, too. I become more positive every day and my thought patterns become more playful and happy. Imagine our powerful happy loving thoughts creating our universe. Someone posted a link to the video "The Secret" on this forum and I felt it was so enlightening. I have read several books on the implications of quantum physics but I had never seen it put quite like that before. The conclusions were startling and empowering.
How did you come to find your own positive outlook and inlook?
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Default yes

this is the way. the secret was very good for me as well. i knew all that, but needed a reminder. the nwo want you to feel unempowered and in fear. but our thoughts and minds are our own. if we think positive thoughts and don't obsess with the anti-nwo sites or the mainstream news then we are better off. we should fill our minds with thoughts of love. the usa has the most horrible news out there. turn on the news and it is war and death, local killings, rape, etc. best thing to focus on is yourself and beeing free and full of love.
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Default thoughts on being positive

This is my view anyway... for the atmosphere/environment we live in. When something affects me I have to consider it as being something that is somehow my creation and release it. Afterwards it is gone. Whether I think it is mine or not I heal it and release it "as if" it were mine and it is gone. Living in a world where there has been reptilian influence is less overwhelming when we have healed ourselves from within. The keys are found in our families and our neighborhoods. The people who live across the street, the in-laws, the employer, they may be reflecting something for us to look at inside ourselves. Someone told me once that all we can really do is clean up our side of the street. I think we can do more but thats a start...
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Default Thanks

I love your thoughts everyone.

I myself sometimes get bitter and twisted about the NWO agenda, so your info is well appreciated.

I came across this little snippet:


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