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Default The Living Truth

The Living Truth
Have you noticed that the Divine Truth appears in the world in different ways as time goes on?

We can take, for example, the appearance of Gautama Buddha as a revelation of Truth. In this revelation, we can see that the older methods of yoga and meditation are transcended by the Noble Eightfold Path. In this instance, then, Truth appeared in the world in a different way than before. Some people accepted the new truth as the living foundation of their lives, and attempted to embody it. Others were too attached to their older, yogic teachings, and they continued to practice in the older ways.

This is not just a matter of some new thoughts replacing old thoughts. It is a matter of being aligned with how the living Truth is expressing at any given moment. When we are connected up to the Truth as it is today, then there is a livingness, a vitality, and a strength in the words that would otherwise not be there. The inner, divine Spark gives those words life, and all other words become dead.

The same might again be seen in the teaching of Christ, which has brought yet another new revelation to humanity. This does not mean that the words of the older teaching, of Gautama Buddha, are wrong or incorrect. But it does mean that the wave of Divine Truth has moved onward, and if we expect to become connected up to that inner vibration of Spirit, we need to align ourselves with that new vibration and let go of the old. We will still revere and respect the words of Gautama, but we now see them as part of a bigger picture, for we have been initiated into an awareness of a larger Whole for which any given teaching is but a temporary expression.

The Sacred Teaching cannot become congealed at one level. Truth is one, but each century, and even each decade, contacts it in its own way. New scrolls are unrolled and the human consciousness observes in a new way the manifestations of the Universe. Even in its wanderings, science discovers new combinations. Upon such discoveries are the previously proclaimed fundamentals affirmed. Each transmission of the Great Wisdom is indisputable, but it will have its own followers. Those who honor Hierarchy reverence also its Messengers. The world lives by motion, and the issuance of the Sacred Teaching is evoked by advancing. The mediocre call such advancing a violation of foundations, but the thinkers know that life is in motion.

Even knowledge of languages increases the flow of new discoveries. How much more, then, will unfettered thought bring! Each decade reveals a new approach to the Sacred Teaching. The readers of a half-century ago read it completely differently. In comparison with those who are reading it at present, they emphasized entirely different thoughts. One should not speak about new Teachings, since Truth is one! New data, and new perception of them, will be only the continuance of cognition. Each one who impedes this cognition performs a transgression against humanity. The followers of the Sacred Teaching will not impede the path of learning. — Brotherhood #188

In the last few hundred years, we can see various changes in the expression of Truth. Allow me to use an example from Theosophy as a demonstration of this. We can see, for example, that when HP Blavatsky started in on her work, there was strong support for the practice of mediumship, in order to demonstrate to humanity the reality of the unseen and after-death worlds. Then, suddenly, the instructions were reversed, and there was a continuous strong denunciation of mediumship due to the severe risks of possession and obsession that it produces. As usual, some people could move into the new views, and others clung to their cherished teachings.

Naturally HP Blavatsky was criticized for being inconsistent and failing to live up to her previous statements. But what she and the Masters were attempting to do was to follow and serve the divine Plan. That Plan is not some fixed document that must be adhered to regardless of circumstances. That Plan is a living Truth that finds its expression in the world just as a river seeks its way downward to the ocean, following every nook and cranny it can find in its descent.

It is, therefore, urgently necessary to understand that Truth is not idle, nor passive, nor unmanifest at any given time. That Truth — the living Truth that vitalizes and revives ones life — is not anything that has appeared in the past, though it is surely built upon it. That Truth as it exists today is not anything that has been taught before. Therefore we must realize that what we are currently holding on to cannot possibly be the Truth of today, or the means by which the divine Plan would manifest. This is because the Truth is alive and it changes, and what has been said even a decade ago is not the Truth of today.

Now of course this does not mean that the words that have been spoken by the Buddha or Christ or whoever else has gone before are false or wrong. But the words that open the inner door to Spirit are different now. If we pretend that they are the same, then we immediately drop into dogma and ritual, and find ourselves very far from a living experience of the Truth within us.

* * * * *

One might surely ask: "Well what is the living Truth of today? There are so many teachings in the world, and so many teachers. How can we find what is Real and what is not Real among them?" There is indeed a way to know.

And of course the cynical among you would suspect that whatever I think is the "living Truth" is of course what is taught in the books here, or in esoteric teachings in general. But this is not a promotion of "esotericism" or suchlike, or any attempt to offer some kind of knowledge that is "true." This would really be a misunderstanding of esoteric philosophy, which is really (or should be) not connected with any outer teaching, but rather an alignment with Truth as it exists today. It is the inner alignment itself that is esoteric, and not the knowledge that is produced by that alignment.

Therefore what is being stressed here is not that there is some set of words that are today's Truth but rather that there is an inner attitude of receptivity, openness, innocence, and humility that offers us a doorway to Truth. It opens up before us new vistas of understanding and transcends whatever former knowledge our minds have held on to.

Being in this state of openness and receptivity to Truth, we will find ourselves putting our new understanding into words. At that point, we will see for ourselves what the Truth is, and we will then become aware of all others in the world who are also equally aware of it, and of those who are present on this planet to transmit it to humanity.

In this way, you would come into an awareness of the newer truths without anyone telling you what they were, and without any infringement upon your own free will.

Certainly if there is any attempt here to try to tell you what is so and what is not, will not your mind rise up and object no matter what was said? And thus there is only silence regarding that matter. Nevertheless, the Way to that knowledge is offered, as follows.

The Buddha taught everyone who came to him with sincerity, earnest aspiration towards Truth alone, and a willingness to renounce all that had previously been known and felt. Likewise, when we approach the divine Spark within us in the same open manner we will also be taught the living, breathing Truth. The Master within will never leave us in ignorance when we earnestly ask for Light. This has been the way of the mystic for thousands of years, and today it opens up not only vision and knowledge beyond the minds capability, but also offers Grace and Liberation from this world.

Truth exists in the world today. Just as when Buddha appeared, the world is being presented with the New. Few people can see it, because most people are so attached to their current ideals and teachings that today's Truth is invisible to their sight. Only those who can empty themselves, renounce the past, and perceive the divine Spark within them can come into resonance with today's revelation and know beyond controversy or doubt that they are following the divine Plan.

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