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Default Dispelling fears


from Making Sense Of The Madness - Volume 2 - Keys To Reality

As the confusion lifts from the minds of True Beings and because the evil energy patterns harnessing them will be broken, fears which have wrecked their lives for so long will also be dispelled. And this mental freedom will be cherished with a fervour previously unknown. Who of the True Beings has not been plagued by fears at every step of this miserable existence? These unwanted, unwarranted fears have wreaked havoc on their lives. They have confused further, exploited and denigrated their targets to a point of derangement in some. True Beings should take heed for they will be able to take revenge on the mechanisms which implanted those fears into their minds. When the fears are dispelled and the True Beings realize that they are free of the traps which held them for so long, many will appear to overreact in their zeal. But they will not really overreact. They will totally REJECT this plane and those of evil.

Even now while the evil energy patterns still linger, many True Beings are strong enough to break the bonds which hold them and inspite of the oppressive weight of evil, escape from the traps. No words can describe the spiritual freedom which is attained when the illusion is fractured. To call the bluff and win is a great achievement indeed. No more is one harnessed by the evil implanted fears and no more is one blackmailed by the thought of the need of safety for the physical, or responsibility towards dependents or even the thought of eternal punishment. These are all seen for what they are -- total nonsense.

Just think how many True Beings have been programmed with fears of physical suffering, of ridicule, of eternal HELL FIRES. Just think how many have failed to act because of fear of the evil demiurge and instead have succumbed to far more evil and oppressive mechanisms of exploitation. Think of how many have been fooled to feel responsible for robots and demons who, by trickery, have been made their dependents.

Think of how many have been blackmailed into not seeing the Light by Ego, economic considerations, social status and the apparent need to uphold the evil system. There are many other examples and when True Beings awaken they will vent their anger on those who fooled them and held them down and this includes the evil demiurge. Unprotected by his Archons and minions, he too is vulnerable to the wrath of the True Beings. If only True Beings realized the power that they, as Divine Beings, truly have, they would change the world overnight. But alas, for so long have they been oppressed and brainwashed that they believe they are weak and useless against the evil system while its evil patterns still affect them.

Implanted fears have always been one of the surest mechanisms of controlling True Beings on this plane. From the very first moments of life, fears play a predominant role in preventing spiritual awakening. As individuals were trapped, their minds were filtered of the True knowledge (and memory) of the consciousness and instead a great void was created in its place. And it was fear of this void and possibilities beyond the physical plane which threatened the trapped beings. Fear of physical pain and suffering since that time of entrapment has also held many and blackmailed them into actions and situations which act against their Divine nature. And even today, pain, the thought of suffering and the possibilities of events after death hold many in fearful traps so that they squander their heritage. The targets of this evil system are always the True Beings. The robots too are programmed with these fears and are cowards when it comes to confrontation with suffering and death. They have even more to fear, of course, for they have the real fear of the Divine energy judging them. They know they are evil and are forever hoping they will escape the wrath of the Light.

The fears in True Beings instead are not real and often they spontaneously awaken to this fact and are able to throw off the shackles imposed upon them. And as they do, they are fearless in confronting adverse situations, for they know their own basic ontological nature and know that they are not evil or worthless, inspite of the indoctrination they have received through the religious institutions and the minions of evil.

Fear of pain and suffering due to the workings of the emotional body has exploited many True Beings through the ages. It is not so much the True consciousness that has been threatened but rather the programmed physical body which has taken over expression for the entrapped consciousness and dictated its likes and dislikes. In most cases the physical body is programmed to be very cowardly and to yield to the slightest demand of the evil essence. And it is when the True consciousness within is blocked and the expression of the physical body is allowed to be its representative that the total entity is ruled by fears of pain, suffering and emotionalism. It is then that the entity becomes threatened and exploitable. In other words, in such situations the True consciousness has been blocked off sufficiently so as to allow the unreal consciousness of the body to dictate how that entity lives. True Beings must awaken to this fact and disregard physical discomfort and the threat of pain and suffering at all costs, for they must see these as spurious, evil-implanted mechanisms to hold them back, to exploit them and to prevent awakening to the Truth. They must see beyond the apparent needs and cowardice of the physical and recognize the qualities of the True consciousness trapped within the material body.

They must see beyond the bluff and the persistent empty traps of the evil system and the demiurge and see their existence beyond his confines. They must see that all the demigod and his system can affect are the things he created, including the physical body and that basically without the True Beings' consent he cannot tamper with their Divine consciousness in any way. Hence, regardless of what is done to the physical body, which is not the True consciousness of the True Beings anyway, the True consciousness can be a stable, unaffected entity in the midst of the fiercest battle, unaffected by the fears and threats thrown at it by the evil systems.

To be so stable in times of turmoil, full mastery of the physical vehicle is needed and this is easier to accomplish than many think. Once the realization of the relationship is made between the body and the True consciousness trapped within, it is an easy matter to affirm: "I am not the body." Once this is realized, the body can be totally bypassed so that its fears, reflexes, desires and responses can be fully controlled by the being within. The body is then allowed to express with basic functions on this level without interfering with the True expression of the True consciousness. No longer then does the inner consciousness pander to the whims or weaknesses of the physical body. They are simply bypassed because it is realized what they are.

Fears of all sorts are then recognized as fears of the physical body, fears for its physical welfare, which are irrelevant in the context of the spiritual being within. Hence, they are not only ignored, but also completely destroyed. Once a being is free of such fears, he is able to express more completely as a True Divine Being for he cannot be threatened, harassed or oppressed by the unreal fears of the evil system.

This is the freedom which allows the elevation of consciousness beyond the imposed limits of the evil plane. This is the freedom for which all True Beings must strive. This is the freedom of True Beings so greatly feared by the ruling evil archons and minions. With such freedom, beings are not threatened by physical violence. The thought of physical death is not looked upon as a dreaded event, but rather as a joyous act of liberation. The threats of pain and suffering are not seen as obstructions to expression but rather as often inevitable consequences of being an effective worker on this plane against the evil elements which control it.

One should confront such fears and threats if they occur and expose them for the empty fears and threats that they are, for they show that one is being effective against the opposition and that it is the evil ones who are threatened by the work of the True Beings. And after all, confrontation with those of an evil essence is what the True Beings want. It is the surest way of fracturing the old evil energy patterns and allowing their replacement with the new. It is the quickest way of breaking the bonds of constraining traps for individuals.

Once the physical is mastered, it will remain subdued if proper care is taken of it. Mastery over its mind, over its wants, its appetites, its likes and dislikes, its needs for rest, comfort, appeasement must be accomplished quickly. Habits and outer mind thoughts must be seen for what they are: implanted mechanisms to hinder the expression of the True consciousness trapped within. Seeing them thus will facilitate their removal and the ultimate expression of the True Being.

The counterfeit beings, the demons and the heavily programmed beings in society who have a great fear of physical pain, suffering and death will never admit the Truth written here. They will scoff and snigger and call it absurd and try and label it in some derogatory manner. But who do they think they are bluffing? Those with true vision can see right through them. They play a charade which is no longer effective. Their countenances are racked with the very fears I write about and it is they who are tormented by this Truth. And it is they who will suffer the most, for in denying the Truth of these things, it is they who will be unwilling and unable to throw away these fears. In fact, they will be compounded by the fact that they know it is the Truth and that they will be eventually caught and subjected to both a just Judgement and deserved punishment for the evil roles they have played against those of the Light.

Note that what I have written is very, very different to what the evil beings give as directions to dispel fears. They advocate acceptance of all that occurs on this plane without discrimination. They ask people to accept all, to love everyone and everything on this plane, giving the excuse that it is all part of God's work. Well it is not! They ask people to dismiss thoughts of the existence of evil and to forgo the need to protect, to cleanse, to avoid negativity, etc. I have identified these people often enough before. They include the followers of Seth, "A Course in Miracles", Ramtha, Lazaris and "Eckankar" and many, many others.

What they are doing, of course, is trying to convince and fool True Beings into accepting all the programming, pollution and indoctrination metered out by the evil system. Their philosophy does not allow one to realize what is going on, rather, it allows beings to be trapped even further and be buried deeper by the system, so that their exploitation is facilitated. People caught in their web of deceit will be more and more fooled and eventually can be used to fool other True Beings.

When one abandons oneself to the evil systems of this dimension, often the programming that results is sensually pleasing. But how long does that last? One has to keep fooling oneself and to constantly deny the Inner Voice in order to live as the mindless robots do. And of course, True Beings caught in this way are in danger of compromising so much that they eventually become totally evil through their own stupidity after having allowed themselves to be completely fooled. Many True Beings do not make any effort to turn to the Light once they are told what is going on, for their EGO gets in the way. They do not want to admit that they had been fooled.

My advice to you is to repel those who say there is no evil, that all are equal, that all must be accepted equally and that if you love everyone and everything then all will be OK. The Truth is that it is not OK. When True Beings who have been fooled by them for a while point out that this (false) philosophy of being indiscriminate does not work, the evil perpetrators put the blame on the True Beings by claiming that their efforts were not sufficient and that they did not love enough. It appears that one cannot win against the evil beings once one compromises with them. If True Beings treat the evil beings as equals, they will be abused, suppressed, oppressed and exploited by the very evil beings with whom they have compromised and to whom, in all probability, they showed love and compassion.

As I have said often enough before, love and compassion are wasted on evil beings. They do not respond to them. They may appear to respond but that is because it either suits them to appear to do so or else they have an ulterior motive (which is nearly always the case) and they have things to gain. This has always been the case since the evil takeover and this is the hidden aim of those who ask for indiscriminate acceptance of this plane, of the Usurper, his Archons, minions, counterfeit beings, devils and disastrously evil exploitative systems. As soon as one truly sees through the evil illusion, there is a tendency for one to grow impatient for its total destruction.


The Fear of Death:

As you look around this miserable planet and witness the gross injustices, the severe exploitation, the inhumane way many are treated, the massive suffering and the emotional burdens many have to endure, you will, if you have grasped the significance of what is going on, grow impatient for correction of this aberration, this cancerous growth on the face of creation. Curb the impatience, for an army of Light warriors is hard at work to do just that in the shortest possible time. You can help by becoming more aware of the evil traps, of the evil energy patterns which constrain and exploit. Even a mental attack on them will help destabilize those patterns which need to fracture in order for liberation to occur. One of the greatest programming factors which forces most on this plane to toe the evil line is the instinct for physical survival. The fear of death is a very strong one for most people and it is used to foster many of the other mechanisms of entrapment on this plane. The churches have exploited this fear forcefully and persistently to oppress, rule and cheat people out of their money. They have fooled people into thinking they have a monopoly on the "next life" and can control who survives and who does not.

The fear is increased by the programmed wants and needs of the physical body and by the loss of awareness most suffer. When one sees oneself as the physical body only, naturally the fear will be greatest for one thinks loss of that physical body and its environment is the end for it. But that is not so. When one sees that the physical body is simply a disposable mechanism of expression, then not only does its significance diminish to its proper level, but also the fear of losing physical life is destroyed. Many would realize what a cruel joke existence on this evil plane really is if they realized that even in "normal" so-called everyday settings and in unaware people, the physical bodies accommodate various differing consciousnesses at differing times.

Often, without even the closest relatives realizing the switch that occurs, one consciousness leaves and another enters a particular body. This often occurs with use of drugs, with alcohol, after a major assault on the body as occurs in an accident (motor car accident with loss of consciousness, shock, etc.) and in surgery. Often subtle changes of personality are detected by those close to the person but the significance of these is usually missed. The reason why there are usually no early dramatic changes, although there can be, is the fact that the new consciousness has very little of its traits permeating through the vital (lower) being and expressing. In other words, what one sees in most cases is the expression of the physical shell and its programming, its pollution and its indoctrination and not the expression of the consciousness which occupies that shell. Where does all this leave the Doctrine of Resurrection of the body? Absolutely nowhere. And that is exactly where it belongs.

If people lost the fear of physical death, their whole way of life would change dramatically and for the better. This has been extensively documented to be so in those who suffer what are called "near death syndromes", that is, people who experience the astral dimension, but are called back to this physical life and can recall the episode. The certainty they attain of the continuation of the consciousness places things into perspective and they realize that the physical existence is a transient phase. Those of you with the true Gnostic "Nous", that is, the true Inner Gnostic Knowledge, should be able to go a lot further in your understanding. You should see that not only is the physical existence transient, but also that it is an evil trap for the consciousnesses of Light and that one is made to come back again and again and again. And that is because the dimension has been closed off. More than that, you should see that the emotional traps of religions, spouses, parents, siblings, etc. are just that --- traps. The bodies and their forces change from life to life. As an example, one can be an Australian male aboriginal in one life and a female European in the next, etc. The bodies have no significance whatsoever. It is the consciousness within those physical bodies and behind those faces which is important. But alas, awareness has fallen so low that most do not recognize friend from foe in ontological terms.

The evil mechanism of Reincarnation makes a mockery of family ties, racial superiority, nationalism, one's religion, prestige of personal wealth, gender, social status and so on, things which are extremely highly valued in the unaware state. These are the things which have caused all the feuds, revolutions, wars and suffering since time immemorial. The reason they are nonsensical is because, one changes family, race, nation, social position, etc., from life to life.

Quieten your outer physical, polluted mind long enough and the answers you need will be given. People fall into traps because of unawareness. Many however, voluntarily race into them because of ambition and greed. Awakening is not enough. One must become an active participant in this war. Those unaware, including scientists, know something is terribly wrong with the earth and it is almost amusing to see the diverse, illogical rationalizations and so-called scientific explanations they concoct to explain away that which is occurring.

One cannot really totally prevent the pain and humiliation which are inflicted on the workers of Light in this dimension. Hence, be patient and be courageous. Do not judge people with your physical mind and physical senses. Rather see them as expressions of an essence -- either of the Divine essence (and these are few indeed) or of the evil essence. Dispel forever the falsehood of the Brotherhood of Man.

Most people are grossly coated with the evil programming, pollution and indoctrination of this place. But nonetheless, if your perception grows you will be able to identify who each is in spiritual terms and the role each plays. People are either for or against the Divine Energy. This is true for all manifestations on this plane including animals, vegetables, and minerals. Everything on this level has a price. All interactions on this plane cost us something. The price may be monetary, physical, social, emotional or energetic. Nonetheless, the interactions, like all foods, drugs, chemicals, etc, which are used by the body will have a spiritual effect. And that spiritual effect will either enhance a True Being or retard him.

Do not be fooled and above all, do not be lazy. Learn to assess each interaction and its cost to you as a Divine True Being in your quest to become a perfect instrument for the Divine. As I stated earlier, any compromise with the evil essence, no matter how small or apparently insignificant, is detrimental to your spiritual well-being. Remember this the next time you are presented with a programming or polluting interaction. And then use your Freewill to choose.

Become aware of the little traps, the little episodes of pollution for they are the ones which accumulate surreptitiously. The large traps are obvious and not missed, but the little ones can be and as they accumulate in their effect, they can be just as destructive as the large ones.

By now if you have not stopped smoking or drinking alcohol or stopped taking non-prescription drugs (of addiction) you need to question your sincerity and your desire to serve the Light. If you are not careful with your diet, if you are promiscuous, or are still attached to material possessions, you are probably not going to make the grade.

You can find out exactly where you are on the spiritual path and judge your degree of surrender by simply examining yourself and your habits, your friends, your thoughts, your sincerity, your attachments and your willingness to serve the Light without provisos.

Evil beings and those totally programmed, polluted and indoctrinated by the evil essence are no match for honest, sincere True Beings. However, to combat evil beings one needs a profound working knowledge of evil as well as all the Divine attributes and Divine qualities. Only when True Beings are aware of the evil essences, of evil beings in human bodies, their filthy tricks, oppression, traps and exploitations can they fight back and destroy the evil energy patterns which try to bind them and oppress them. Full realization of what is happening, of what is to happen and who various beings are and represent on this plane can be so overwhelming that the Higher Consciousnesses often purposely prevent ALL the knowledge from descending at once. It is a matter of protection of the lower being for such knowledge could simply overtax it! But the time for full revelation and knowledge with total realization is fast approaching. When that time comes for each individual, the prophecy of transformation to an awareness of the "Life Divine", as given by Shri Aurobindo, will have been fulfilled for that individual and he/she can look forward to leaving the physical shortly thereafter.

The process of realization and purification is painful, for the barbs of programming, pollution and indoctrination are stuck deep into the flesh. The emotional body will not give in without a fight and often the ego's stubbornness hurts the most. But if one surrenders as much as possible to the Divine with each passing day, the process will be completed in the time allotted.

No one said it would be easy! Attachments to anything of this realm make the process that much harder. Hence, detach and surrender. When one surrenders, what are lost are the things of this evil realm which are valueless in spiritual terms. But what are gained are gifts from the Divine Being and these are invaluable.

Remember, anyone who defines reality simply within the boundaries of his physical senses is a fool. Even the father of modern science, Albert Einstein, admitted this. True Sceptics will only accept that which they can see, hear, measure or weigh. Things must be proved to them to the satisfaction of their physical (and grossly limited) senses. Hence, sceptics are not only, as I have defined in the past, programmed evil liars, they are also fools.

Why do some people object to hearing about the end of the Brotherhood of Man and the end of the planet? Because they are evil and this is their home. This is their house of luxury. This is their heaven. They are filled with fear and dread at the thought of the True Divine essence dealing with them in the manner they deserve.

Many try to hide their fear and guilt. But do not be fooled. They know who they are, what they have done to the True Beings and what is truly in store for them. And no matter how often or how vehemently they deny the end of this realm, deep down they know that this message is true. And this knowledge burns deep within them. Yet they do not admit it for this would be an admission of their evilness. They will remain mendacious to the very last moment even after they are totally exposed. But they, like the evil demiurge Jehovah, will be fooling no one but themselves.


We are the generation which will not know death. This is the final generation. If the thoughts of most great men of history could be examined one would find that they were internally torn by doubts and uncertainties which tempered their actions. Most of these constructive men of history have been Beings of Light provided by the Rescue Plan to help this realm in some way until final rectification occurred. The doubts and uncertainties they suffered belonged to the realm and not to them or the Light. They were obstructed by the programming and pollution to some extent, the same programming and pollution which affect all in this realm. Unfortunately, the majority of beings are affected to a very great degree. In these previous generations definitive answers were not openly available as to why lives were so full of suffering and as to why there appeared to be an apparent absence of Divine management and justice. The ability in this generation to recognize the effects of programming and pollution make it a unique era. The simple fact that these aspects of existence in this realm are recognized and to some extent bypassed, is a major breakthrough for the Light in this war early on in the final generation.

To know that to a large extent the actions and reactions of the body and the emotions, including guilt and ego, are the result of programming should now encourage one to realize True Beings are being suppressed and secondly that these reactions and emotions are not the expression of the true individual, but are preprogrammed responses to a situation which can therefore, be altered or bypassed. The feeling of guilt or unworthiness of ourselves in the presence of others, or in the presence of the Divine energy is not our natural reaction. It is the programmed response in this realm in order to belittle the Divine Beings who reside within the shells of this realm. But all this will now cease for "we are the generation which will not know death."

It was prophesied long ago that on this planet would occur a generation which would not know death. We are that generation. What this means is that because of the breakdown of the evil system, return of full awareness to certain beings, complete breakdown of Maya with a resultant understanding of the Reality behind the illusion, and the rescue that is about to occur, our inner consciousness will become the controller of expression of our being and the Truth in its entirety will be revealed.

This Truth includes the fact that we are a continuing consciousnesses, not subject to death. In actual fact, because of the above changes and the rescue we will be able to bypass the filtering mechanisms of these bodies and see that we are continuing beings when the shell is dropped. Consciousness will be continuous even as we change bodies. The evil trap of reincarnation will no longer cloud our consciousness. We will not suffer the humiliation and the fear of this imposed system of the evil demigod which includes pain, suffering, disease, degeneration, misery and death. As changes occur on this place in this generation, more and more will the realization come from within that we are not the bodies. We are consciousnesses which occupy these bodies and have been fooled by programming mechanisms in the bodies and their filtering mechanisms into believing that we are these bodies and that we deserve all the punishment, degeneration, fear and emotional exploitation to which we have been severely subjected for a long time.

With changes that are imminent will come a loss of fear and a knowledge of the Truth. We will be able to celebrate, even as the changes are occurring, our victory over the evil system. It is with adequate preparation and restoration of our awareness that we will be able to take full advantage of the fact that we are the generation which will not know death. If the preparation is not adequately made and awareness is not restored, the changes that are to occur will result in more pain, suffering, anxiety and fears. It is an active choice of Freewill as to whether people will awaken and prepare, or whether they will reject the stimulus to awaken and allow their programmed doubts and scepticism to keep them enclosed in that tomb of ignorance in which they have been trapped for so long. It is those who are unprepared who will suffer the most and the changes for them will mean greatly increasing horror and fear.

The changes include various mechanisms in order to bring about a clearing of this planet. The timing is such that individual events may vary. However, all clearing mechanisms will have been effective by the end of this decade. In this generation we are fortunate because a connection to the dimension containing the Rescue Team who are organizing the rescue plan, has allowed full restoration of knowledge of what has happened to this plane. It has revealed who we are, what rectification is to occur and why. Without the connection it would have been impossible to acquire this knowledge and to have a full understanding of the true reality behind this illusion. This is the first generation since the takeover of this dimension in which this knowledge has been available in full. And yet it is sad to see how people have been so trapped by the evil system that when this Truthful revelation, which is so beneficial, comes, they reject it with evil programmed doubt and scepticism. This will not alter the course of events however, and although the opportunity is there to realize that we are the generation which will not know death, absence of this realization in the majority of people does not alter the fact that all these things that are to occur, such as the cleansing of this plane and rescue of the true, faithful beings, will occur.

At no other point in history has the knowledge of the evil takeover, knowledge of the war, knowledge of the modifications of the physical manifestations of the True Beings and knowledge of a usurping, overbearing, evil creation with mock beings been given. Glimpses were given to many of the Light. Hope was dispensed and faith asked for, but never was the knowledge of the full situation given to any generation. This is the first generation with full knowledge. This is the generation which will not know death as prophesied. Those who throw away this opportunity to reach full understanding, full awareness and the opportunity to prepare for the phase of clearing will express their foolishness and will be ever so sorry for having done so.

It is the True Beings who have to awaken to this knowledge and awareness. Those who have remained evil and those who have spurned the Divine will not want to know this information. They will not care that this is the generation which will not know death. They will continue to deny and reject due to programmed doubt and scepticism until the very final days. It is important that True Beings do not become affected by these evil demons, that they do not succumb to the harassment, ridicule and humiliation by them. Do not be put off. Do not fall into their traps.

Once the massive mechanisms for clearing occur, all doubt will be dispelled and all will come to the realization that this information is the Truth, that this, in fact, is the generation which will not know death. But more than this, it will mean the end of the evil system and its mock beings. They will come to know the meaning of True Justice, Judgement and Transmutation.

Much effort has been made by members of the rescue team including such beings as Rama, Krishna, Moses, Buddha, Jesus, etc. continually to bring about this final generation. Many members of the Light in all realms, levels and dimensions have worked fervently and continuously to be able to bring this generation into the Light. Those beings who have failed and those who have remained evil will know complete death in this generation because they will be subjected to punishment after judgement and this punishment is a payment for that which they have caused to True Beings. Then they will be transmuted back into primordial energy.

This is the generation in when full exposure of the mechanisms of programming and pollution has occurred, in which sufficient New Energy has been able to be transmitted into this plane to allow a breakup of the evil energy patterns which have contained this dimension in a tomb of confusion, ignorance and evil since the takeover. This is the generation in which, for the first time, a connection to a Supramental Consciousness has been possible. This connection has affected a few beings on the planet and will affect more and more as the changes occur and the dimension is cleared for the restoration of the orderly, Divine, evolutionary plan.

This is the generation in which changes to the physical bodies and to the subtle bodies of certain beings have occurred so that they can accommodate the New Energy and the Supramental Consciousness and in which, for the first time, there is a linking of the True Beings and a massive awakening of the True Beings to form an army of consciousnesses on this plane which will overthrow completely the shackles placed on them by the system and by the evil beings of the system. This has never occurred before, although many attempts had been made. This is the generation of success, when all the Maya will be destroyed completely and forever. This is the generation which affords the opportunity to dispel all fears and to bring back the Light into the hearts and minds of all faithful beings. This is the generation which will expose all evil practices of religions, of sects, of false philosophies, of false teachers. It will allow exposure of all evil and the liberation of True Beings. This is the generation in which the ability to bypass the emotional body and the factors affecting it can occur and in which the prayers of the faithful will be answered and those prayers included the invocation to the "Father energy" to make its presence felt, to liberate them from this den of iniquity, to liberate them from the pain, suffering, humiliation, torment and energy exploitation to which they had been subjected for so long without them ever remembering why.

This is the generation in which those who have remained faithful will see the answers to their prayers. They will feel fulfilled, for, having prayed for so long for Justice to occur, they will see it occurring. As prayers are answered, evil ones will be brought to justice and punished and the true, faithful ones will be rewarded for remaining faithful. This is the generation in which the mockery and humiliation that the True Beings have had to endure will be repaid with the justified wrath of the "Father". He will avenge the severe suffering to which His Divinely-created beings were subjected. All accounts will be settled. All the evil ones will be exposed and there will no longer be anywhere for them to hide. And this is the generation when truly the pure of heart shall see God.

The connection to a Supramental plane and Consciousness and the ability of the True Beings to group together on this plane in this generation will allow a manifestation of the energy of the "Father" to occur in the physical. This energy has manifested before through the Rescuers which we have had, but not to the massive degree in which it will manifest on this plane in this generation. Hence, the prophecy of being the generation which will not know death and the prophecy that God would manifest on earth for the Final Judgement will be fulfilled.

Inspite of the often repeated prophecies in all cultures throughout all ages, in all continents, that these would occur, people have seen fit, because of evil programming, to ignore these reminders and to mock that ability of the Godforce that would fulfil the prophecies. And so it is now that those of this generation who still reject it will have such a profound shattering of their illusion that they will not recover. They will go into a stupor of fear and gloom of doom from which they will never recover. This is entirely their fault and the suffering, pain and humiliation are also their fault, for it is they who have not heeded the warnings. It is they who, through their Freewill have allowed themselves to be programmed and polluted so much so as to forget their own personal responsibilities and accountability. It is they who have forgotten the whole meaning of life and creation and their spiritual path and have lost their spiritual awareness. The faithless True Beings have forgotten their heritage, capabilities and Divinity. It serves them right to be judged and punished. No punishment can be too great for acts of Treason.

For the faithful beings, not only is this generation the one in which they will not know death, but it will also be the most joyous generation that has occurred on this plane since the takeover. For, with the news of what has happened and with restoration of the knowledge of who we are, of what rectification will occur and of the final rescue and judgement of individuals, will come the Joy of Liberation. This is such a momentous occasion that the thought of the Love, Joy, Peace and Harmony that will ensue in the future should be enough to gladden the hearts and fill the faithful with strength and gladness. Such thoughts should be enough to see them through any suffering, pain, humiliation and ridicule that they could possibly suffer between now and the final change. This joy and the prospect of peace, harmony, love, contentment and fulfilment will be seen to be more than enough compensation, such is their magnitude, for all the suffering, humiliation and exploitation that the faithful ones have had to endure since the evil takeover.

Conversely, in this generation, for those faithless and evil ones who have exploited the True Beings, the punishment they will receive will avenge all that which they have inflicted on the True Beings. They will be paid back for every moment of pain and suffering which they have inflicted on the faithful beings. Not one will escape the "Father". Not one will go unpunished. Not one will miss the realization of what it has done. Not one will miss that terror of the Gloom of Doom and the fear of the fate which awaits it. This is not written in order to be cruel, rather it is written to express the Truth of that which will occur. Those to be punished have no one but themselves to blame. They have been given countless chances throughout eons in all ways to use their Freewill and become beings of the Light. It is they who have rejected these opportunities again and again and again. And it is only they who have chosen to be judged as evil and to be transmuted.

The degree of fear in the beings of this generation which this information engenders will be a measure of their worthiness to remain in the Divine plan. As the true, faithful beings awaken, all fears will be dispelled and their hearts will be filled with the love and joy that the realization of the Divine and its rescue plan can give. Conversely, those who are evil and enemies of the Divine will be filled with more and more fear, inspite of outward appearances, as this generation progresses. The evil committed by those of evil will come back to them in this generation, for indeed: all evil beings are cursed by their own evilness.

The factors which influence the final clearing time include such things as the time it takes the faithful beings to awaken and prepare themselves. That is, the ability of the faithful to accept that their prayers have been answered and that they are being liberated will determine the swiftness of the changes that are to come. The aim in the rescue is to prevent as much suffering as possible. For too long has this dimension been trapped in fear, pain and suffering. These are products of the evil demigod and its evil system. They will be destroyed completely and forever as will be the fear of death in this generation. Not all the faithful beings will be gladdened at first, for many will feel the weight of whatever guilt they have. But mixed with that guilt and repentance will be the hope and joy of liberation. This generation is the final one. It will witness the culmination of all the rescue work of the Light and the end of the war. And it is what all the faithful beings of Light have looked forward to for a long, long time.

There is nothing the evil ones can do, for they are totally trapped and doomed. They can see the clearing energy patterns emerging and are very frightened. All the events about to occur on this planet in this generation will be logical and easily explained with the restoration of the memory of the takeover. Massive clearing mechanisms have occurred before but not to the extent of those in this generation. The one event which has had no precedence will be the New Energy in full Power and Glory.

Because of changes in the energy patterns in the next few years this planet will be well and truly boiling with battles and wars, disasters, infections, and accidents before the end. These are merely mechanisms for the clearing. When the night is at its darkest the Light will appear at its brightest. The most dramatic event of all will be the effects of the New Energy on this plane. In this generation in which clearing is to occur, the more the opposition block and frustrate the plan, the more massive, multifocal and precipitous will the changes be once the mechanism of clearing commences. In other words, everything will happen at once and the breakup will be even more dramatic.

The True Beings should now know that as the point of breakthrough comes closer, the more will the evil system and evil beings attack them. There is not much more that the opposition can do. The evil ones will become desperate and will attack in all sorts of ways. In the difficult times ahead, faithful beings should project themselves into the near future and be filled with limitless ecstasy of that which is to come. This dimension is locked in a pressure cooker. There is no escape. Sooner or later it has to explode. It will do so in this generation. There is no denying that this is so. The result is inevitable.

In these difficult times ahead True Beings have to be patient and show confidence and faith. They need to be flexible and realize that in the final stages of this war they can only expect the unexpected. This time of retribution and vengeance of the Lord will have been well worth waiting for. In this generation the evil beings can attack as much as they like. They can deny the Truth as vehemently as they can dare, all to no avail.

Denial will not change one thing. All that is to be will come to pass. The time for playing games is over. No one will be fooled any more by the illusion. Evil beings will not even be able to fool themselves. The time of total exposure and total cleansing is here. Victory for the Light will be complete. There is no way the enemy can avoid its Judgement and Punishment. This means total destruction of the enemy.

As evil individuals realize the correctness of this information they will try to retaliate. They will be very angry at being stirred up and having their bubble of illusion burst. Of course the evil beings will object to this information and to this message of clearing. But there is absolutely nothing they can do about it except rant and rave and attack me personally and all other awakened beings, with attempts at humiliation, ridicule, scorn and contempt. This is an insignificant price to pay for assisting in the eradication of evil.

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