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Yes. Deep Sexual Penetration is the loophole. The persons are not born again. That was the cause of the problem.

The prosecutor charges the ALL CAPITAL NAME. To charge means to add funds. The person didn't send the doves that are deep in the sex organs (touching and slight sexual penetration). The person (UFO Being) using the philosophers stone (body) is send the doves on the superficial surface.

The UFO being must be born again to able to conduct the deep sex organ doves. The new birth will correct the problem of the UFO being choosing the wrong stone. They should be choosing the white stone. The new birth swap the philosopher's stone with the white stone. Now the UFO being is ready to discharge the duties.

Jesus said that the person must be born again to perform the deep sexual penetration which is sending doves deep inside the sex organs. Once the person is born again, it will send the doves deep inside the sex organs into the genital organs.

Sexual penetration defined--Acts constituting sodomy--Medical practitioners excepted. Sexual penetration means an act, however slight (method superficially which is not deep penetration), of sexual intercourse, cunnilingus, fellatio, anal intercourse, or any intrusion, however slight, of any part of the body or of any object into the genital or anal openings of another person's body. All of the foregoing acts of sexual penetration, except sexual intercourse, are also defined as sodomy. Practitioners of the healing arts lawfully practicing within the scope of their practice, which determination shall be conclusive as against the state and shall be made by the court prior to trial, are not included within the provisions of this section. In any pretrial proceeding under this section, the prosecution has the burden of establishing probable cause."-South Dakota Statute 22-22-2

The State of South Dakota is charging the ALL CAPITAL NAME. They are ordering the person to perform deep penetration on their person. When there is a slight penetration and not deep, it becomes a crime.

It is not hard to fix that problem. You can file a writs of habeas corpus and demand the court to demand the personal Jesus to come to court. Then you order the personal Jesus to do the deep penetration. Once that happens, the case is dismissed. This is the statutes that state that if you perform the XXX right, the case can be dismissed. The discharge the duty is how the case get dismissed.

"Persons capable of committing crimes--Exceptions. Any person is capable of committing a crime, except those included in the following classes: (5) Any person who committed the act or made the omission charged while under involuntary subjection to the power of superiors."- South Dakota Statutes 22-3-1

The bar association is a Christian organization. All attorneys belong to the Knights Templar Church in the City of London. The Knights Templar is Christian. That is the group that control Freemasonry.

Originally Posted by aura View Post
"A dead fetus may show up in court to answer to the charges. That is the person that should be showing up." - jglee430

quote of the year, a dead fetus can "show up in court to answer to the charges."

jglee430 may act like a bot, although he has his own blog and YouTube channel. jglee430 what do you know about prostitution loopholes, uh?

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The "Board of Health" in my country has been advertising annually for people to step up and make claims. The only reason I can think of for anyone to repeatedly advertise is for seeking owners of abandoned property.

There is a whole story of subterfuge surrounding it, but at its heart, it's to seek owners of abandoned property. It's quite simple. File in a form, get a witness too.

A few weeks later, an acknowledgement comes in via post.
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