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Default Car Smart Cards

Was browsing through some old tapes and came across an episode of Top Gear (yes the "old" Top Gear pre Clarkson, Hammond and May aka the 3 Stooges), and in it presenter Tiff Needell visits Singapore talking about how, despite the place being very draconian regarding laws, they have a road and rail system that's very efficient. At one point Tiff drives a car whilst explaining about their new road charge, at which point he takes out a "smart card" and places it into a machine in the car; this then takes money from your account, and if you don't have the funds big brother takes your lisense plate.

This episode was from around 2001. Is it me or are we in the conspiracy arena not very informed about the Big Brother technology and systems that are available, because that's the first I've heard of this. Seems that we aren't actually one step of the game (pre Snowden revelation and all), and it shows this stuff has been around for quite a long time. Was anyone back in 2001 talking about this?, I kinda doubt it. I thought the UK was bad regarding surveillance and all things Big Brother, but thank god I don't live in Singapore with the way things are there. Seems that this "smart" technology has been around a lot longer than I thought.

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