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Talking Criminal Case Based On Voluntary Statue Stable Program!!!

The criminal case begins with two corporations (persons) in commerce. The con game is to get you to believe the words mean something in your everyday life. The legal terms are deeply rooted in Latin and etymology. For example, the word "abuse" is broken into "ab +use."

The word "abuse" means to misapply and profit from. Why? The word "use" means to apply and profit by. The abuse is apply for something by using false identity or false statement and profiting from the sale of the benefit. An example is selling food stamp benefit. The corporation in the ALL CAPITAL NAME is profiting from the crime. You don't know what is going on.

In the Locke Management Association (LMA) v Martha Esch (Sacramento County Superior Court), the court ruled that LMA is an public corporation formed by the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Association. They are not required to register with the California Secretary of State because they are a public corporation. The person is a private/public partnership or a public corporation with an private natural person as an agent.

An individual is an single corporation and a natural person. The agent is not a corporation but is in an agreement with a corporation to discharge the debt.

The common terms for battery means to hit. In legal lease it means to sell the force. The force is the power that human beings possesses. The force is extracted from the unborn human being through soul extraction. It is preserved in the philosopher's stone or a sea of glass. This is done through secret societies. You have no knowledge how that happen.

(1)"Acts" has its usual and ordinary meaning and includes any bodily movement, any form of communication, and when relevant, a failure or omission to take action."- Montana Code 45-2-101

Other state statutes uses the word "voluntary act" or "act." Some states like Colorado and Nebraska define the word "act" means bodily movement and includes words and possession of property. Words means communication which can be a written contract. The possession of property can mean refusing to deliver property. The creditor is not known. The court will hide the information so you cannot administer the trust. The property in the possession of the corporation's name form a trust.

The corporation in the ALL CAPITAL NAME profited from the crime. An example is a run away mail order. An organized ring collect the funds and don't deliver the goods to the customer.

When there is profiting, there is taxation. The taxation can be a default on the penal bond for not administering the estate. It can be a franchise taxation for the sale of the state's property.

The court is looking for a fall guy for the corporate fiction. The members/shareholder are protected under limited liability. The fall guy is the one that is responsible for the corporation debt.

What is the ALL CAPITAL NAME doing? The prosecutor charges the ALL CAPITAL NAME. The charge can be adding funds or property. The agent's job is to administer the property or the funds from the prepaid society of 1933.

The trial is the agent/corporate officer disputing the debt. The cop's job is to place the corporate officer in commerce.

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what i've heard is that when the coppers arrest someone they ask them if they 'understand'

apparently that is legalise and it means 'do you submit to our authority?'

so if you reply 'yes' then you are agreeing that you submit to their authority
I believe the public should have a say in their own fate and that is why i support free speech. Any media talking heads who argue that free speech must be curbed are arguing that the public should not be allowed a say in their own fate
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