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David icke news. Now the NYT has ran an article calling the entire 9/11 story totally false from the very first miutes. Blaming the Bush-Cheney Administration.

Is that where this is going? Is it all going to come out that 9/11 really was a conspiracy, and be blamed entirely on the Bush-Cheney Administration?

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Ive long had a theory, going on sheer physics and obviousness, that the planes that went into the twin towers werent the ones that took off from Boston. Had this vision of them being taken, shortly after taking off, to land and be taken to a hanger where the people on the plane had been gassed and killed onboard, while on the plane. Then, the plan went into action of either other military planes flying into the towers, or drones, or holograms and video trickery to solidify the 9/11 story to create this ongoing war in the middle east, refugees, terrorism, globalist Archon agenda, new world order etc. Its becoming more unbelievable of a plane, let alone two within minutes, flying into the towers, passports surviving the incineration when a plane hits concrete and steel, another building collapsing, no evidence of a plane at the Pentagon, demolition evidence with explosions from below, Mossad agents filming the whole thing and celebrating. There's not even a shred that supports the original story fed to the public. Over 30,000 people have died in the ensuing years from lung disease. Who did this? Will they be accountable?

Some excellent evidence here from a flight attendant, worth a listen

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i can't look at or read anything to do with 9/11 anymore, i just cannot see images of those building one more time, I'm done with it.
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To finish the job BUSH SR couldnt do!!!
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